Monday, October 08, 2007

I've Been Raveled!

Finally after waiting 2 months in line I got my invitation to join Ravelry! Right after I got myself registered, I already had a message that my friend Gail (hi, Gail!) in Surrey wanted me as a friend. What a lovely welcome to be noticed right away! I also found several of my former students and a discussion thread where my spinning class was complimented. Heh! I think I’m going to feel right at home here. I’ve only just started to enter my projects and I’m not even going to try to include all my stash, books, needles and hooks. I’ll just start with the relevant ones. Plus I need to spend more time uploading photos to my Flickr site so that they will link properly with my Ravelry notebook. Lots of work ahead!

So far what I like is how a project links to everyone else who has done or is currently doing that pattern, at least for popular patterns. You can see what yarn and needles they are using, how they liked the pattern, whether there are corrections, what modifications they’ve made and see the finished article. Sometimes the designer will even comment on your results which is a nice incentive to finish. I also like the ability to start a queue of future projects. Even though I have both a physical and a mental queue already, it’s nice to have it committed in public. Might be a stronger commitment will get done quicker? Whatever helps to move things along.

We had a lovely day yesterday, if somewhat exhausting! It was Thanksgiving Dinner for the Thundering Hordes at Damselfly’s pond when 20 relatives and near-relatives showed up to wolf down Wilbur the Ham. (Yes, we name our dinner. Doesn’t everyone?) The ages ranged from 91 to 9 months and covered 4 generations. Apparently a good time was had by all judging from the number of dishes to wash. No, Susan, they didn’t offer to do the dishes! But I fooled ’em and used paper plates to minimize the work I have to do today. It’s not too bad of a pile left really. However after spending 3 days cleaning up the pond now I need to vacuum all over again. I was picking up squished peas and muffin crumbs (courtesy of my grandkids) before they got embedded in the rugs. There’s no huge hurry to vacuum though. Dried food lifts up easier than damp. Heh. Today I’m relaxing while T-Man is at work. He never gets Canadian holidays off, only US ones. That’s what he gets for working for an American company! Not that he planned that — it was a Canadian company when he went to work for them but it got bought out but a very large US corporation. Big fish eating littler fish. At least he has a good job. For the moment. And they feed him pizza today! Isn’t that kind of them? But shouldn’t it be turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! I’m going back to Ravelry…

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Cynthia said...

I love the queue function because I'm always forgetting about projects I really want to do.

Now I'm trying to add things to my queue, only to find out that I already did so months ago. I guess it's an improvement.