Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kick In The Pants

That’s what I needed yesterday. Yesterday was gorgeous, sunny and warm and I didn’t go anywhere! Today of course we’re back to rain, the presto-change-o of which may explain the migraine I’ve got that won’t go away with the usual ibuprofen. Maybe the beginnings of a headache was also why I managed to talk myself out of going to the lecture. I didn’t really want to go anyway and when we settled down in front of the TV with dinner (still with plenty of time to make the lecture) I just got way too comfy. And perhaps had a glass or two of home-vintage wine. So no lecture review. And a $15 ticket…pftt! Oddly enough I don’t feel at all guilty about it. And I still plan to go to the last event on Friday that I’ve already bought a ticket for: the debut of Maiwa’s most recent film. More anon.

So, what’s on the needles today? I’m trying to finish the Earl Grey Socks which have been lurking around too long. I’ve made one too many mistakes because I keep losing my row count and have to fix the cable twists. But now I’m getting very close to running out of yarn so I’m knitting quicker. Why do we do that? Does it help stretch the yarn further if you knit it quickly? Is it just the sick fascination of helplessly watching the yarn run out a few rows before the end? Anyway I’m not really concerned because I’ll just make the tips of the toes different if I have to. T-Man won’t care. He is the very definition of “easy-going”. Lucky for him since he’s married to me, eh?

I should be working on my guild’s Membership Booklet right now but my brain hurts. More tea. More meds. Urk.

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I'm happy with them!!!!