Friday, January 11, 2008

Orange Ya Glad

That these fingers are not yours. Obviously I either didn’t set the dye enough or rinse the yarn out well enough. Or the dyestock was just too old to work properly. Whichever, I’m getting really bad dye rub-off on my hands and needles as I knit The Ninja’s Rusty Socks. Kind of like real rust actually. And it doesn’t wash off. It has to wear off. I can’t do anything about it until the socks are completed but then I will re-set the dye and rinse more until the water is clear and then warn his lovely wife that they may need careful washing for the first few times. I’ve had this happen before (though not quite this bad) and they eventually quit bleeding. Hopefully I can at least get them to where they don’t turn The Ninja’s feet orange! Erp.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead with Spectrum Dye Study Group’s goodbye party on Saturday for one of our members who is moving back to Japan. Sniff! She is very sweet and very talented and we will miss her lots. The other is Sunday’s Ravelry meet-up beginning at a different LYS than usual. Then we’ll go find an appropriate coffee shop in the neighbourhood for sittin’ & knittin’. Hope I’m up for all this excitement. I tried to work out on my elliptical trainer yesterday and got a whole 7 minutes in before I started coughing. Today I settled for a short walk to get a few groceries and the free weekly newspapers. Mustn’t overdo it quite yet.

Hey! Doorbell! Be right back.

The postman just brought me 2 of the packages I’ve ordered recently. What could be better than yarn:

and books:

I see a couple of book reviews coming up in future posts. Plus I have one more on order that’s not released yet. The yarn is of course sock yarn, which as everyone knows, doesn’t count as stash enhancement. I’ve been looking for Confetti in plain dyeable colours but couldn’t find any locally. I got a great deal with Double Diamond Knits. Judy was lovely to deal with and there are neither added taxes on her yarn prices nor shipping on orders over $50. 20 balls (12 of DGB Confetti in 3 shades of grey and 8 of Phildar Preface in white and light grey marl) cost me a flat $90 ($4.50 per ball) which is cheaper than I can get it even with a discount at my LYS. I love Confetti and have made lots of socks with it but I’ve never used Preface before. It runs 211 yds per 50g ball and is 70% wool/30% nylon but unlike most sock yarns, it’s a 3-ply rather than 4-ply. Label says it’s made in Turkey which seems to be the hot spot du jour for yarn spinning. We’ll have to experiment with this stuff, hey?

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Dotty said...

Too bad about the dye rubbing off. I hope it sets properly so that there aren't any orange feet out there.

I see that your yarn order arrived. Are you going to dye it all or use it as is?