Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunny Day – So Why Am I Inside?

I’m still not feeling tiptop and it’s been nearly a month since I got the flu. I’m vacillating on going back to the doctor. One minute I think I ought to and the next I think it’s a waste of time. Gotta get myself in the middle of a coughing fit at the same time the doc’s office is open. Maybe. I walked right past there on Friday. Missed one easy opportunity. The problem is that I don’t feel all that bad but the cough and the congestion in my upper airway is just not going away 10 days after finishing the course of antibiotics. It’s not bronchitis but just at my throat and a little below. I definitely don’t have that “stepped on by an elephant” feeling that I get with bronchitis where it’s more work to get a breath. Do I really need more antibiotics? Geesh, I don’t know! Won’t it go away by itself eventually?

So I’ve finished the Rusty Socks just in time for them to dry before The Ninja’s birthday party tomorrow evening at his MIL’s. I soaked them for several hours in many changes of water but they are still leaking a bit of yellow dye. Not enough dye came out though to account for turning my fingers orange! Don’t know why they were crocking so badly but I hope they don’t turn his feets orange too. Heh. I’ll warn him anyway and warn his lady wife to be cautious when washing them for the first half dozen times. They should give it up eventually. I like them though — they’re actually a very attractive colour in a not-quite-solid with the dark charcoal ply throughout to give it a bit of tweediness. I’ll give you the full stats with photo tomorrow.

Now my Addi Natura needles are tinted orange and I wonder if it will wear off or not. I’ve already started the next pair of socks on them in Manly Purple for my favourite brother-in-law’s birthday which is next week. I don’t think I’ll get them done in time but I won’t be seeing him for a couple of weeks anyway so there’s time before then to complete them. He specially requested purple and I found a very nice ball of Lana Grossa Marmi (80% wool/20% polyamide in a purple/grey mix with tiny spots of denim and light grey. Purple but not TOO purple, if you know what I mean. I was originally going to dye something for him but this is much better. I’m kind of wary of hand-dyes right now even though I usually don’t have a problem! I’ll show you when there’s more sock to be seen. These ones should go a little faster since they’re the same size as his brother T-Man’s and not as honking huge…er, big as our handsome son’s are. The Ninja’s feet are the largest ones I knit for though they’re not overly large compared to some I’ve seen!

I have several more pairs on the Birthday Socks list but they are going to be later because I can only knit just so many socks in a given time period. However, the next pair will be a bit fancier because they’re for Nana, my MIL, and also because I need something a little more of a challenge for a change rather than plain socks. Unfortunately if they’re fancier I can’t read at the same time so they take longer to knit. Her feet aren’t much bigger than my granddaughter’s though so it shouldn’t take too long! I’ll have to remember to ask her tomorrow if she has a colour preference. As long as it doesn’t dye my Clover Takumi dpns too. I just bought a new double set because the old ones are wearing out on the tips. Now that my Addis are orange I can tell them apart at a glance!

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