Friday, February 29, 2008

An Extra Day

Happy Leap Day! The solar year doesn’t coincide with the Gregorian calendar which we use so we have to add an extra day every once in awhile to compensate. Since February is already shorter than other months, that’s where they stuck it. This leap year day is also the 5th Friday in the same month. Unfortunately none of this actually gives me any more time than I already had. Sigh.

After knitting the back of the Hepburn Cardi an inch longer than the pattern’s 14”, I managed to get the decreases for the underarms done on it. I’m hoping that’s long enough to bring it to a more flattering length on me. I was afraid to go too far in case I run out of yarn. Now I’m ploughing up toward the shoulder decreases which I plan to shortrow rather than bind of in stair steps as the pattern states. I like that straight line and may just put the shoulders on holders to do a 3-needle bind-off instead of trying to graft it. Further news as it happens.

I’m feeling the lack of a sock to work on but I need to do some dyeing before I begin knitting the next pair of bespoke socks. I may just have to start a random pair in between — just to take the edge off, as Yarn Harlot would put it. The Hepburn Cardi is not quite simple enough or portable enough for when I need that mindless traveling project. Of course I could just do the dyeing deed and get right on that pair but The White Lady is bringing the grandkids over today so she can shop at Dressew (my fave fabrics & notions supplier) without their little helping hands. She has started a little home-based business making suspenders (aka braces) in child and adult sizes. She got frustrated with the lack of good quality suspenders for her kids who, like all little ones, have no hips to hold up their pants and skirts. Belts just don’t work either. So she experimented making her own and they are very nice, in lots of colours and with really functional clips. I remember getting suspenders for her DH, The Ninja, when he had the same problems holding up his drawers as a kid. They weren’t nearly as well-made or as sturdy as hers. Even though I made lots of things myself, it never occurred to me to make suspenders and I think it’s a great idea. Best of luck with your enterprise, hon’!

Better get this posted before the Thundering Hordes arrive! Though it does take them awhile to get here on public transit.

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Anonymous said...

I always feel a bit naked when I don't have a sock on the needles.