Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You ALL Make MY Day!

It’s taken me a couple of days to post this, but the delightful and talented Tammy (aka Beentsy) has given me a Make My Day award! That was so sweet! Thanks, hon’! Unfortunately, I can’t believe that I’m having such difficulty naming 10 blogs that make my day. I can’t reduce it to just 10 and most of the ones I read every day have already been mentioned more than once on other blogs. I kinda wanted a personal list of great blogs that maybe you hadn’t discovered yet. I mean, I’ve been checking out some of the ones that others have mentioned and making new connections. Like I need any more reading to do!

I read different blogs for different reasons. The famous ones like Yarn Harlot and Crazy Aunt Pearl and Knitnut and The Panopticon for humour and personal stories. There’s technical content like TechKnitter and Spinning Spider Jenny that teach me things I might not already have known. Some blogs make me ponder and think really hard (always a good thing) like Lainie’s Red Thread Studio and Abby’s Yarns. There’s blogs with lots of great photos such as Curious Weaver and ColorJoy and ones that amaze me with their artistry like Michael Cook and Fleegle. I can try to keep up with the escapades of my real-life friends Susan and Felicia and Lauren (and of course Tammy and many more) and my online-only friends like Ev. And there’s the blogs I read just because I enjoy them such as Fibermania and Kristen Nicholas and TwoLeftNeedles and Knitting Contessa. I could go on but my mouse hand is getting tired with the linking. That’s at least 20 so I’m twice over my limit! There’s about 100 more that I’m subscribed to. Isn’t it lucky that I can knit and read at the same time?

The weather has turned rather nasty here. It’s very windy and alternating rain and snow. Makes me very glad I don’t have to go out today. However it’s also not very conducive to good photography. It’s very dark. I was going to show you Nana’s socks where I’m heading down the feet towards the toes. I don’t often do many in-progress shots but these are terminally cute. I may be knitting another pair (somewhat larger in the foot) sometime. Oh well, I’ll be finished them soon and will have to take their picture before they get gifted away on Sunday at her birthday party.

Just after I typed the part about it being dark the sun peeked out for a moment. Just to prove me a liar! The wind is making for very changeable weather today. All I know is it’s cold enough even though it’s not below freezing that I put the thermostat up a little bit. The wind is coming in through any crack and it even feels colder next to the double-glazed windows, which are only about half the windows in the house.


Susan said...

Coming daily to read your blog is an addiction for me now! Sometimes you actually take a day or three off....whatsup with dat?

Thanks for the mention and support!
It's all your fault ya know...

:) Susan

TECHknitter said...

Thank you very much for the kind words and the award (and the new list of blogs to check out!)