Thursday, March 27, 2008


I’m very glad we didn’t go for a walk yesterday after T-Man got home from work. It had been sunny but big dark clouds were starting to appear. We made a cup of tea and then decided to skip the walk. Good thing. It began to hail and then rain and then threw in some thunder and lightning just for kicks. Saved by our laziness?

I’ve been feeling rather tired and a bit out of sorts. (I love that oh-so-British phrase.) Maybe it’s the aftermath of the Party Stress — though it went so well I needn’t have stressed at all. Maybe it’s just the ever-changing weather making my head hurt. All I want to do is sit and knit and read. Unfortunately there are other things that need doing.

Speaking of reading, I forgot to mention yesterday that I finished reading the last book, “The Amber Spyglass”, in Philip Pullman’s series His Dark Materials. Satisfying ending but a bit sad too. The whole story was brilliant though and I really enjoyed it. Certainly gives Tolkien some excellent competition in the fantasy-with-wider-implications field. It’s definitely way beyond Harry Potter. However I can see how they couldn’t really make a movie out of the rest of the story. They would have to simplify it down too much and perhaps the basic themes wouldn’t appeal to a large enough segment of the movie-going public. I’m not going to tell you any more about it. See for yourself — just go read it and see what you think.

The Sea ‘n’ Sky Socks are up to the heels now. I’ve had to fix a boo-boo or two that developed as I was knitting along without paying it much attention. I was able to repair it without frogging back and just using a crochet hook instead which was fortuitous. It really pays off to learn how to read your stitches! I’m kind of impatient to finish these for some reason. Maybe because I want to start KiKi’s Unmentionables when I should be finishing the Hepburn Cardi.

Later this afternoon when T-Man gets home from work we plan to go to the Vancouver Museum to see this show before it ends. I know some of the craft artists involved so it will be good to see what they’re up to. I missed the fashion show though and also missed the spinning and weaving demo which was the day after FibreFest, both of which I could have participated in if I’d wanted to. Told you I was feeling lazy. Though maybe if it’s not raining we can go for a walk along the seawall after the museum visit. Just to clear my head a bit and maybe get back into the sorts that I’m out of?

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