Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Quite Quiet

Yes, I’m still here. I got hooked on playing with fonts and words and lost track of the time. Why, you ask? (Or maybe you don’t care, but I’ll tell you anyhow.) I’ve always been fascinated with those magnetized words that you stick on your fridge and I love how everybody who walks by messes with what it says. But I never bought any of them. However recently at Office Depot I found a pack of 5 sheets of magnet paper with a glossy surface that can go in my printer. Pricey but what fun! You can print anything you want on this stuff: photos, logos, clipart, poetry. Add that to a couple of links to free font sites (I adore fonts) and hours got wasted happily playing. I’m making the words quite large — between 28 and 48 point size depending on the font. First I was only going to do one sheet but I kept thinking of more words I wanted to have. And then after a couple of sheets I thought about adding colours to the words and then including images as well. I’ve been chopping them up with my paper cutter and sorting them. I couldn’t even sleep last night for thinking of new words I just have to have! While I was lying there I also had a flash of inspiration: put the spare words in my collection of saved Altoid tins. There’s only one blank sheet left so I’d better make the best use of it. Or fork out nearly $25 to buy another pack. Good thing I have a large fridge that sits on a corner so I have 2 sides to cover, huh?

Meanwhile I was doing 4 loads of laundry, changing bed sheets, cleaning the bathroom, cooking corned beef brisket and generally being domestic. Just to prove that I don’t waste all my time messing about with the computer. Heh. I also found a continuing error on the edge of my Hepburn Cardi’s armhole. I’d forgotten a (k2tog, yo) nearly consistently so I dropped the 2 stitches down about 4 cm and picked them back up again correctly. Twice, since I miscounted the first time. Now it’s fine again. Me, a perfectionist? Pshaw!

I’m going to have to break down and start another pair of socks in spite of my best efforts to be a monogamous knitter, at least temporarily. I’m going to the doctor’s tomorrow for my checkup and I need something for the office wait. Not that it’s usually long because the staff are very efficient at scheduling, but I hate to spoil my sock-knitting reputation with them. And the Hepburn Cardi isn’t easily portable anywhere except around the house. Coned yarns are heavy! I haven’t had time to dye any more yarn for the next pair of socks on my list so it’ll have to be a generic pair. Or maybe I should start the black gloves I want for me, even though I haven’t finished spinning more yarn for them yet. I’ll let you know what I decide.

On Friday I’ll be gone all day to Fibrefest. I’m going with my friend Beryl, who laughs when I call her a gem and a jewel but she is. She’s coming 20 minutes in the opposite direction to collect me before driving over an hour to Abbotsford, plus picking up another friend along the way. By going with her I can avoid taking up T-Man’s time driving me out there on Saturday. Besides, all the good stuff might be gone by then! Not that I need any supplies. Nope. None. Stop looking at me like that.

Question to Ponder:

Why are those poor folks getting all that awful weather back east when we’re already into spring here? Oops. I shouldn’t mention that or everyone will be trying to move to Vancouver. Luckily it’s too expensive for most people! And too dark in winter. And too cold in summer. And it rains too much. Yup. All true. But not today. It’s back to gorgeous sunshine today. Poor pitiful Easterners!

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