Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yarn Barf

A good name for this happenstance, no? Thanks for teaching it to me, Tammy. I never knew I’d have a use for the term quite so soon though. I’d show you the Unmentionables themselves but they’re not really very exciting at this point while Im heading up toward the waist. Knit, knit, knit. Better a Finished Object, yes?

Sea ‘n’ Sky Socks

Begun: March 19, 2008

Completed: April 8, 2008

Yarn: SRK On Your Toes 4ply sock yarn, 75% superwash/25% nylon with aloe, was white ON220904 and I dyed it myself with Telana and a wee smidge of acid dyes.

Needles: Clover Takumi 5” dpns, size 2mm

Pattern: Synesthesia Socks pattern by Sarah Fama, slight modifications as noted in comments.

Comments: I worked the pattern as called for except of course with smaller needles. I did 6 repeats before the heel flap. I also kept one stitch on either side of the sole in purl so that it continued the p2 between the patterned upper foot and the plain sole. I did the toe my usual way though hers is shaped a little more blunt by decreasing more quickly towards the end. In the first decrease row of the toes, I used the reverse decreases to the usual toe ones on the top of the foot (k2tog on the right and ssk on the left) just to follow through with the way the pattern was worked there. It looked much better than trying to immediately force the stitches the opposite way. The second and subsequent decrease rows were as normal.

BTW, do you know how hard it is to photograph your own foot?

I managed to get 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer this morning. Yay! I’d been avoiding it with all the migraine nonsense of the last several days. Not fun shaking up an aching head. (Trust me on this one.) I wonder why exercise always makes me so hungry? I might get more fit but I’ll never lose any weight at this rate unless I can stay away from stuffing my face the minute I get off the trainer.

It finally stopped raining but the weather is still going to be changeable according to the weatherman. I’m waiting for it to warm up above 8 C. which it’s supposed to do by Saturday. I’ll be sure to yell it from the rooftops if we finally get some nice sunshine accompanied by actual warmth.

Question To Ponder

Why do websites/blogs so often have teensy little type that these aging eyes find so hard to see? I have to use the old Zoom (CTRL +) to get the words big enough to be read. Nothing should be smaller than 12 pt type, people! And dark on a very pale or white background too, if you please. Much as I love the colourful personal design factor (and use it myself occasionally), a dark background with light letters is just too difficult to bother with. I wear progressive lenses and there’s only a very small area in which I can see my monitor clearly! If you want me to read it, make it visible. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a good 1/2 a skein. More like yarn bulemia than just a barf! Teehee.

I love those socks girl. They are truly lovely.

Chrissy said...

Hehe..I love Tammy's comment.

Your socks turned out so well. I hope to see them at our next knitting get together.