Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brightening Up -- Perhaps

I spent part of yesterday afternoon helping my friend Kirsten with a sewing project. She was trying to make a neoprene (like wetsuit fabric) headband for her little granddaughter who suffers from a rare disorder and needs protection on her head in case of falling. Kirsten’s vintage Singer wouldn’t make stitches through the neoprene but my just-as-vintage Pfaff 1222E did just fine. I think it’s because of the walking foot that helps keep the timing right where hers just skipped. I love my old Pfaffie! We made one prototype with hook-and-loop fasteners that may or may not work properly. Hopefully she will be able to fine-tune the pattern after trying it on and then we can make another one. It gets rather hot and sweaty under neoprene especially in summer as I learned while wearing wrist braces when I had tendinitis years ago. They needed frequent washing and take quite awhile to dry due to the spongy nature of the neoprene. It will be good for her to have 2 or more of these so she can switch off. And it’s peeeennnnkkkk!!! She’s just like my granddaughter in her love of the colour pink. At least it is on one side (which we made the right side) and black on the other. Very chic. If you’ve gotta wear something like this, it’s always best to flaunt it!

Taking a wee bit of a quiet day today. It’s a bit nicer out but still not actually sunny. I got the photos taken that I wanted anyway so the notes on the Secret Project are done to be shared here after the wedding day. Necessary sneakiness since The Bride & Groom have the audacity to read this here blog! I still have no idea what I’m wearing to this shindig either. Clothing of some sort. I’m not sewing anything or buying anything new. At least most folks are familiar with my often slightly unconventional dressing habits.

Meanwhile I’ll show you the only thing in my garden that’s really happy about the weather lately:


Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous picture.

Louisa said...

Aren't they interesting mushrooms? No idea what variety they are. I don't remember ever seeing them before but they are growing in some compost and new soil that T wheelbarrowed over from a neighbour who was wanting to get rid of some extra. They were maybe an inch and a half or 2 inches across.