Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us!

My T-Man and I have been married for 37 years today. It’s been a wonderful, close and respectful relationship. I probably mentioned this before but we met and fell in love when we were very young, between our 18th birthdays (which are just over a month apart) and just out of secondary school. Because of our extreme youth we were forced to wait two and a half years until we finally got married at age 20. We are “life-bonded” or “soul-mates” or whatever foo-foo word you want to use to describe it. He is my world and I know I’m his. Weren’t we cute? Don’t laugh. It was 1971 after all. And I like to think there’s still a lot of the flower child in both of us. My hair is a lot shorter now though.

This is a short post today. Got the Spectrum Study Group (whoever is left in town anyway) coming over this morning. We plan to continue on our Word-Inspiration Bag Project. Haven’t touched mine since the last meeting. I don’t feel too inspired about it methinks. Maybe I’ll work on the Circus Blanket instead. I was somewhat disappointed that it’s currently sprinkling rain because I wanted to host this on the deck. Maybe it’ll clear up in time? Or not.

Later T and I will go down to Granville Island and go to a gallery opening at Diana Sanderson’s Weaving Studio. A bunch of my buddies are in the show with their wonderful work. We’ll probably save a fancy dinner out for another day.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! We were married in 1969 (21 and 23, with 4 years of grad school ahead!) and it boggles my mind that I thought I was grown-up enough for marriage. My own 3 waited longer to actually get married... they were 30, 29 and 27 but I just realized that though they were older, they each married people they met in college and had lived with since they were much younger. So what was different was not the age of committment, but the choice of making that committment legally binding.

They all looked at our family's wedding photos (pink ruffled shirts with brown tuxes, peasant dresses, etc.) and opted for more classic attire!

I've enjoyed reading about the circus blanket... I'm a new weaver and learning lots from you. Thanks!

Barbara M.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Happy anniversary guys. ;)

Louisa said...

Thanks for the best wishes, everyone! We're looking forward to another 37 years together. Hey, we'll only be 94. It's possible.