Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Roofing Begins

It feels like many earthquakes up here in my study. My monitor is wobbling. The roofers have started (ahead of schedule!) and they’re putting big loads of roofing shingles up on my wonky old roof.

It’s actually rather freaky! I spent the early part of the morning before they came putting extra plastic over all the stuff in my kneewall attic spaces. Hope it’s going to be enough! We also moved all the stuff (flower pots, tables, chairs, barbeque) off the deck and hopefully out of their way. T drove the MINI out of the garage. In the 2 hours since they started they’ve already stripped the garage roof.

Professional and efficient. I think the main crew is Filipino. I must trust them all to know what they’re doing and that my house and garden are not going to be totally destroyed in the process!

T-Man is working from home today so he can be around just in case there are questions or whatever. He already helped me with moving things. I didn’t want the crew to move my cactuses because they were draped over the railing and there are more than two dozen flower buds on my big disocactus. T and I were very careful with them and moved the whole table over beside the greenhouse. It’s a perfect day for roofing, high cloud but dry and relatively cool. For me it’s safer to stay in the house! I can’t watch much anyway. Scary.

I think I’ll just take it easy today and try to stay out of their way. I hope to get my blanket finished so maybe I’ll work on it in the living room. The deck is kind of occupied.

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