Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Wee Sprinkle

It rained a bit today, just enough to make us use our umbrellas. We walked up to Oakridge shopping mall to get some tea and coffee from our favourite Murchies store. The nice thing about Oakridge is that it’s uphill. That means the return trip is down and after a meal at the White Spot (hamburgers, sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo — yum!) I could almost roll home. My hips and knees still haven’t quite recuperated from our adventures on Thursday so it was very welcome to go in the opposite direction for a change. I’m pretty fit for an old granny but my friend Arthur Itis is a pretty constant companion and he reminds me when I’ve overdone things.

It barely rained hard enough to penetrate the walnut tree’s canopy so I’m glad I spent quite some time yesterday watering the back garden and T-Man watered the front. It does feel damp though, even in the house. I kind of like it. It feels like we’re camping and the air is full of familiar mossy and leafy smells. Speaking of leaves, here’s the second big head of Esmeralda lettuce that I’ve picked whole (as opposed to snitching some of the outside leaves):

Ain’t she purty? This type does very well in my garden and seems to be only minimally bugged by slugs and my archenemies, the sowbugs. It’s very crisp and bolt- and disease-resistant. Tastes good too. I’ve got more in several stages of growth, hoping to not have them all come ready to pick at the same time. We’ve also picked lots of peas, finally! The snap peas are a little behind the snow peas but that might be because the plants are over 2 metres tall! Monster peas. I’m going to have trouble picking the ones at the top because they’re growing out of my reach. Kind of like the scarlet runner beans do. Speaking of which, those are growing about 15 cm a day (6”) or more and are racing for the top bar of their support. Nearly there!

I was right that I wasn’t going to get any more done on the Circus Blanket but I’m hoping to do some work on it tomorrow morning. T is on-call this weekend so can’t get too far from his computer just in case something comes up. Otherwise the Imperial Purple Socks are nearly up to the heels on both and everything else remains untouched for the moment. I need to get the blanket put to bed, so to speak. Har-har.

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