Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whining Warning

OK, I’m totally tired of this roof thing now. I can’t concentrate on anything. I want to weed my garden. I want to stash dive in my attic. I want silence. I want air. I want it to be finished. I’m sick of leaving everything on hold while they rip and hammer and tear and crash and bang…

Thank you for letting me vent. I feel better now. Got some of it out of my system anyhow. When I get stressed I want to clean obsessively. Somehow I never have that problem the rest of the time. (What’s up with that?) Unfortunately it’s pointless to touch anything around here at the moment. I’d just have to go and do it all over again when they’re done. Instead I’ve been making myself go out and water my garden at the crack of dawn. You know. Before it’s all covered in roofing crap and blue tarps. It’s so lovely and cool out there at 6 am. The bad thing is that the weeds are growing along with the veggies and I just haven’t had time before the workmen arrive to do anything much. As soon as they show up, I want to go hide in the house. As if that’s any safer! Or quieter. The good thing is that I’ve been getting a lot of reading done because I’m certainly not going to houseclean with this going on. When they’re finally finished all of my attic stash spaces are going to need a thorough cleaning and vacuuming. Plus some of the icky old Fiberglas insulation has fallen down where there was no stapled-up plastic sheeting to hold it in place. That will necessitate dust mask, hat, long-sleeved shirt, and gloves to remedy. Eeww. OK, I’m totally tired of this roof thing now. Oh yeah. I said that already.

Another thing to complain about is the Imperial Purple Socks. They’ve been going swimmingly except that I was perilously close to running out of yarn before the end of the toes. This yarn, Phildar Preface, is new to me but the yardage should be fine even for a man’s pair of socks at 211 yards per 50g ball. Does the fact that so much of this Garter Rib pattern has purl stitches made it use more yarn than usual? Or the fact that they’re on 72 sts instead of my more usual 68? I did manage to make it with a little more than a metre of yarn to spare on one of them and maybe 2 m or so on the other. Now that’s cutting it close! They’re currently slowly drying in my airless bathroom because I can’t put anything outside right now.

The roofers are getting there. They’re doing a great job. I am enduring.

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