Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Estonian Lace Redux

If you’ve got Nancy Bush’s book, don’t forget to check this page to see if you need the corrections. I did. I even Wrote In My Book! In Ink! Yipes. Shows you need to check every pattern you plan to knit on Ravelry first because that’s where any errors or corrections will definitely be mentioned.

With all my careful research, I realized that I’ve been doing my 3-into-9 star stitches on my Seaweed Shawl without twisting – i.e. knitting into the 3 stitches together normally in the fronts - instead of knitting them through the back loop. In checking the Laminaria pattern, I see that designer Elizabeth Freeman wasn’t consistent in her stitch descriptions and only the 1-into-3 and 2-into-9 star stitches actually specified TBL. Was this a deliberate choice on her part or not? Anyway I was obviously being literal and following directions exactly. In the end it doesn’t really matter except for the direction the lower stitches of the star are leaning. You’d have to look awfully closely to notice.

Speaking of noticing, did you see that Merike, whom I mentioned in yesterday’s post, has left me a comment? It always amazes me when someone pays attention like that. Supernatural radar maybe? I’m flattered anyway and always happy to have clarifications especially from the original source.

Super-brief one today. Expecting the Moppets shortly. We have fresh new Play-Doh! Whoo-hoo!

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