Thursday, December 04, 2008

Poor Mme. Jean

Canada has a much more exciting government than one would think, given our world reputation as “nice”. Yarn Harlot has the best explanation ever of what’s going on here. I’m sure you’ve probably read it already. And thought “Whoa! Dudes! Totally crazy!” You would be right. But it’s our system and for the most part, it works just fine. However I’m dying to find out what Her Excellency The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, our lovely Governor General, is going to do now. She’s certainly having to work for her nice house, servants and perks like hobnobbing with the rich and powerful, isn’t she? Though it’s not a bad gig for a black woman born in Haiti and married to a Frenchman (both now Canadian citizens, of course) to be the Crown’s representative and guarantor of responsible government in Canada. Good luck, I say. Whatever she does (and the GG rarely goes against the Prime Minister’s wishes) it’s going to make somebody unhappy. Probably everybody at once.

Meanwhile this is a short post. I’m heading out today to my Spectrum Group meeting. I’m working on a) finishing tying up the shibori ties on the woven scarf (it’s been languishing) and b) knit a second fingerless mitt. I’ll talk about the latter later. Off to make my potluck dish for lunch and have a shower.


ng2000 said...

Valuable resource of canadian parliament news summaries:

Louisa said...

Yeah, but that's way too dry! I like my politics with a sense of wry humour. Otherwise it's too boring for words.

So what's "ng2000 Consumer News and Referral Center" posting on my little blog for? Did I trigger an auto-response or something? Don't believe somebody like that actually reads my ramblings.