Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby

Today is The Ninja’s 35th birthday. As he is my youngest it seems that his birthday makes me feel older than I do on my own birthday. I remember the day he was born, lo those many years ago. It was snowing and there was much trepidation because he was not due for 7 more weeks. We were not ready yet! Unfortunately he had other ideas and, although the birth itself was reasonably uneventful, he ended up staying in hospital in an incubator for another month. (The photo is from after we sprung him out of his little plastic cell.) That created difficulties for me having his 16-month-old sister already at home and no driver’s license. It was just a little too far to walk – though I could have since these days I actually walk further than I did when I was in my mid-twenties! Anyway they wouldn’t have let a toddler in to the hospital with me (germs!) and I had no one to babysit her during the day. So I didn’t get to see the little guy as much as I wanted to and I wasn’t able to breastfeed him. Luckily we had no trouble bonding despite all the difficulties and he only has a bit of a weakness in the lungs still as a result of his early birth. Physically he caught up to his peers by his first birthday and has always been a smart, funny and very sweet person. Even if he does know how to kill with his bare hands. Not that he would if he could help it…

Hope you had a lovely birthday, big guy! Except that I know you were working in your shop. Note that your mother-in-law is the one who’s throwing you a party next Tuesday. I gave that up somewhere back in the pizza, cake and video era. Bad mommy. Wait! You’d probably still like that stuff.

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