Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Isn’t that a great word? It’s a real one. Look it up. I’d go there myself if only I could get moving. I’m lost in the fog right now but I don’t seem to be too worried about it. The time between the Holiday Madness and the beginning of the Gardening Season is always a floating time for me and carrying the least amount of commitments and deadlines of the whole year. Because of the lack of other stuff to do, I’m usually most productive during January and February. But that doesn’t seem to be happening this year, at least so far. Maybe it’s because T-Man is working a weird later-than-normal shift (10am-6pm) this month. We wake up late and don’t get moving very fast. He calls it Hibernating; I call it Winter Sloth. But it’s kind of delicious in a way. It feels naughty and lazy but who really cares how much gets accomplished in a day anyway? (Apart from a work boss, that is.) As long as we have hot food to eat, clean clothes to wear, the interior of our house is reasonably clean and tidy, T gets to work on time and the bills are paid, what more could one ask for? It’s not like we just lay about in bed all day doing nothing. There’s reading and knitting (me) and more reading and flying virtual airplanes (him) and a goodly amount of sleeping (both). In between there’s cooking and washing (me) and shoveling snow (him). Hopefully the last of the snow now. Poor T’s back is hurting from it all.

Maybe next month when T is back on an earlier shift I’ll stop hibernating and start the cleaning out I want to do. I want to get rid of excess junk before we do some painting. It’s past time to freshen up the living/dining room and the bathroom is even more desperate. Neither of us like the front entry hall either with it’s too-shiny blue-green paint job. However it lasted really well so we never did anything about it for years. Now we’re more ready to tackle it. Amazingly this New Year’s Day was our 30th anniversary of moving in to our house. You need to do an awful lot of home maintenance in 30 years, let me tell you. But you also learn to live with some things you thought were a definite do-over when you saw it first. Kind of like life in general, huh?

The Ninja and his Little Beasties were going to take me out to lunch today but it got canceled. Guess I have to make my own lunch now. Then I need to go thitherward. To the grocery store. I’d rather be playing with these cheeky guys though:

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