Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Friday The 13th

Good grief! How did it get to be Friday again so soon? And the second Friday the 13th in a row too. I’m avoiding ladders and black cats etc. Also keeping an eye out for Jason, Freddie and/or zombies just in case. (Though the zombies would surely starve to death trying to eat my brains.) It’s keeping me on my toes! Better watch out for November too. There’s another Friday the 13th then as well. Busy year for superstitions, huh?

All week I’ve been knitting my fingers to the bone trying to get the Bead-Dazzled Scarf done. Still not there yet but I feel that I’m making progress anyway. After nearly going blind and stupid from counting as I picked up 648 stitches, I’m on row 6 of the border. If you think that’s a lot remember that the rows get 16 stitches longer every other row for awhile as well. Currently it looks like a scrunched up string shopping bag:

Bead-Dazzled Lace Scarf progress

I managed to squeeze all the stitches onto my 24” circular so I’m not going to know what it really looks like until I bind it all off. BTW I found an error (quelle horreur!) – two rows missing in the main section making a row of the diamonds look somewhat squashed. It’s not that easy to spot which is lucky because absolutely nothing is going to make me rip it all out nearly back to the beginning to fix it! However it isn’t worthy enough to be entered in any judged event. Not that I was planning on it. The darn thing has been giving me trouble since the beginning! It will just hang in our guild booth at the ANWG conference and hopefully behave itself. Hopefully.

I haven’t accomplished anything else useful. Cooking food, washing dishes, basic living kind of stuff. I’ve still been feeling a bit under the weather. Which is odd because the weather, while definitely chilly, has been quite lovely. I feel like I’m wasting it all while sitting around. I can’t even read or watch TV at the same time. Just listen to podcasts. I’m really far behind on most of the ones I like so it’s turning out to be a good opportunity to do some catching up.

The one thing I’m really happy about is the return to Daylight Saving Time! I seem to have shifted over fairly well already. Going the other way in the fall is much more difficult for the old body to adjust to for some reason. But it’s so weird to be cooking dinner before the sun has set. On the other hand it’s even darker when I get up in the morning but that’s normal for most of the year. Soon it will be light in the morning as well as in the evening. Just a little perk for living north of the 49th parallel.

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