Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Done Done Done Done

Well, maybe only one “done” – the Bead-Dazzled Scarf is off the needles, blocked and rolled on a paper tube for transport to be handed in on Thursday. As I suspected it does not hold its shape well at all though the points stay out and pointy like I hoped. Once it comes back from display however it will get worn no matter what shape it pretzels into. It took far too much work to stuff it in the back of the closet! And it is kinda pretty. Which I notice when I stop being grouchy at it for all the troubles it gave me. I will blog a more comprehensive post with photos tomorrow.

I’ve already cast on for another pair of Monkey Socks. Not sure who the recipient will be this time. I’ll figure it out by the time I get to the toes anyway! The length will be the determined by the feet they must fit. The yarn is a new one for me – Confetti Seta Superwash (55% wool/20% silk/25% polyamide):


Surprisingly with the 20% silk content it doesn’t really feel any different than the usual sock yarn. I’ve only knitted the ribbing on the cuff yet though so my opinion may change when I’ve had more experience with it. I never thought I’d say that sock yarn feels really thick after all that lace knitting with handspun thread! Although the needles I’m using are several sizes smaller.

Next it’s on to the paper knitting. And hopefully somewhere in there I’ll have a chance to finish the poor neglected Seaweed Shawl. BTW, there’s a new shawl in Knitty (Aeolian) by the same designer, Elizabeth Freeman, that is at least as gorgeous as the Laminaria (aka Seaweed). That girl can put Estonian stitch patterns together so well! But Papyrine is top-of-the-list because of the June 1 deadline. It actually needs to be done earlier than that because I’ll be away in Spokane – or more precisely on my way home from there. No pressure.

The weather is a little warmer and sunnier today than it has been. I had to open the greenhouse up so my plants wouldn’t get too hot! After I got home from getting a much-needed haircut, I even sat out for a short while on the deck in the sun with my tea and knitting but it was a little too chilly for that still. The rest of me was quite warm enough but my hands got cold. At least it’s finally feeling more spring-like and less winter-ish. There’s hope for us yet.

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magnusmog said...

Ooooh, I got all excited about seeing the finished shawl and then....no picture!

Guess I'll have to tune in next time :)