Sunday, June 07, 2009

Yet Another Teaser

I had my Ravelry knitting group over for a Deck Party today so I obviously haven’t had time to edit some more of the photos I took in Spokane that I still wanted to show you. So you’ll just have to wait a little longer. The knitters had a great time though! Such laughter and yummy food, sparkling wine and beer and lemonade. I bet the neighbours all wished they could have joined us. (Oh yeah, one of the knitters IS my neighbour!) Best of all, they left us some goodies including strawberries, ice-cream and blue corn chips. Unfortunately I’m still too full to take advantage of the leftovers yet.

Meanwhile back at the ANWG conference roundup, I found the YouTube link to the rap that the children of our keynote speaker Ruby Leslie aka Ruby Charuby made about their mom the weaver. Too funny! What talented (adult) kids. Of course their parents are creative too: besides mom the prolific and talented weaver, their dad is an artist and college instructor. Obviously there is a wonderful family climate in their vicinity!

Tomorrow it’s back out in the garden in the morning to plant T-man’s black-eyed susans before they croak. I have rogue baby tomato plants inexplicably coming up in the coreopsis and I have to tie up the woad better because the ripening seed heads are getting heavy. I guess I should chop most of them off and see what colour I can get in the dyepot, though I’d rather wait until they are closer to ripe and are black instead of the pretty chartreuse they are currently. I’ll check Bobby Irwin’s notes and see which might give me the most colour. After all, I don’t need ALL the thousands of seeds that 2 plants can produce. Only a couple of dozen would be plenty. The rest are fair game for experimentation.

Then when I get tired of gardening, I always have the dishes to wash from today. To be fair, several people offered to help wash up but I don’t mind. I just put on my podcasts and go to it. I’ve never really seen the need for a dishwasher especially when usually there’s only the two of us now and only occasionally do we entertain. No biggie. It was a very enjoyable day.

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