Thursday, July 09, 2009

Nary A Tire Track Or A Footprint

Yes, I survived yet another loooonnng (OK, only 4.5 hours) session with the grand-beasties. Successfully passed them off to their other grandmother and collapsed quietly with my knitting for awhile. They were really pretty good actually though I didn’t hear Other Grandmother at the door because Somebody was yelling in my non-augmented (aka deaf as I can be with no hearing aids in) ears. She had to phone me to get my attention! Which of course I was glad to provide. Here’s the kids; what’s your hurry; can I help strap them into their car seats?

It has gone back to summer here and, though the rain was really needed and was a pleasant change for awhile, I’m happy to see the sun back. It was freezing in the house for the last couple of days. Just watch. I’ll be very quickly back to complaining about all the watering I have to do again.

So since it was finally light enough to take photos, here’s my current main project, the Bam-Boo-Bel Scarf:

BamBooBel_progAs usual with lace on the needles it’s not very interesting really. I’m on Section C of the pattern with only 12.5 rows left to go to the end. Talk about a quick knit! Even including all the frogging I did in the beginning.

Now that it’s nice out again (with a bit of occasional cloud just to keep it reasonably cool) I have to get out in the garden. I have to pick this:

CoreopsisAnd then dry it to get this:

CoreopsisDryingCuriously all these plants were grown from seeds that I saved from the more red-based flowers last year. None of that colour variety showed up though there are a few with larger red centres and a plant or two with the “seashells” tubular petals. Interesting if failed experiment. Also there is this:

WoadSeedBaggedCaptive woad seeds! Just waiting now for them to dry out some more after the rain before cutting them off for next year’s plants. And the next batch:

Woad Looking just about ready for the first harvest very soon. And speaking of harvesting, I got about a pint of blueberries yesterday off the earliest bush which is loaded with much bigger berries than usual this year. I would have gotten a lot more but the grand-beasties were “helping”, with Princess Pink instructing her little brother to “only pick the blue ones, not the white or pink ones”. He quickly got tired of trying to pick them from the bush and picked greedy handfuls out of my container instead. I just love the way he calls them “blowwies”. That boy has more L’s than he needs! Too cute.

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