Thursday, October 08, 2009


Feeling a little more positive today. Must have been the several hours I spent spinning yesterday. I haven’t done much spinning in the last year or so and I think I miss it’s soothing effects. Must try to do more. Definitely more often anyhow.

And no, I’m not stressing about the impending Thanksgiving dinner. We have the turkey, a medium-sized free-range dude that cost an arm and a leg! I’m hoping it tastes better than the cheap frozen ones we usually buy. It had better be better, to justify its high price. We also have a ham (in case the turkey isn’t big enough), many pounds of yellow spuds, baby carrots, frozen peas, salad fixings, shrimp rings, chips, dips and yummy Cob’s buns. We have paper plates because a) I don’t have a dishwasher and b) I don’t actually own enough plates for the Family Horde. Milady Daughter is bringing the soft drinks and The White Lady promised a homemade pumpkin pie or, hopefully, two. Still probably need something else dessert-ish since we’re over 20 people if everyone makes it on Sunday. Easy-peasy. Not nearly the 30+ we had one memorable Easter!

However I still have loads of housework to do: laundry, mop the walnut crud off the kitchen floor (we actually got some this year – yay!), clean up the basement etc. I’m going with T-Man after work to his dentist appointment so I can drop into my audiologist (just upstairs) and get some more batteries for my “ears”. Then I need to get some of my favourite teas at Murchie’s in the mall. I may go hunting for some bed sheets too while I’m on the loose with a credit card. I fixed several shredding towels yesterday on a “make-do and mend” kick but we do need new sheets sometime soon before they self-destruct. These ones are so thin you can nearly see through them. Large central rips are impossible to mend without a lumpy seam that imprints unflatteringly on one’s behind! I really don’t much like shopping (unless it’s in a crafty supply or book store) but sometimes I’ve got no choice. However, I’d rather be here again:

CapitolReef I think I left my heart in Fruita.

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