Friday, November 06, 2009

Crochet Redux

Further to my last post on crochet, here’s a recent interview with Kathy Merrick, author of the book “Crochet in Color”. The yellow sweater I like so much is here! I will also say that Kathy’s Boteh Scarf from Interweave Crochet is the pattern that recently got me back into crochet so I’m already a fan. I just broke down and ordered the book after I read Dora Ohrenstein’s review. I couldn’t help it – it was calling to me!

Speaking of books, I’m going to check out Dora’s own book “Creating Crochet Fabric” when it comes out from Lark Books. So did you check out the rest of this Crochet Insider issue? Don’t miss a listen to Dora’s funky song and “Just Crochet It Away”. Earworm alert! The refrain sticks in your mind. Or at least mine.

I was thinking about something that Kathy Merrick said in her interview: that she both knits and crochets but since there are so many incredibly talented knit designers, she has been focusing on crochet instead. It’s an area where there is plenty of room for designers who can show quality and updated style. Oh yes, please! Take crochet out of the Bizarre Bazaar. (Do not get me started on the abominations they put on poor defenceless infants, OK?)

So what else have I been doing since I couldn’t go play with my Spectrum Study Group buddies yesterday? Knitting/crocheting and reading. Nothing exciting. But I’m getting closer to finishing one project about which I cannot blog. It would be nice to complete something for a change.

Today is going to be much more exciting. I get to do a huge pile of neglected dishes, change the towels and bed sheets, and do the laundry. Whoo-hoo!! So exciting. The weather is very changeable: one minute it’s dumping down rain and the next minute the sun is out. If you haul an umbrella with you, you’ll be guaranteed not to need it. Same goes for sunglasses. The leaves that are still left around are sure pretty though. My favourite colours are the ones you can’t describe. Or replicate. Something between greeny-red and reddish-green – but not brown.

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