Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gloom & Doom

I wrote a post yesterday evening featuring my usual Annual Bah-Humbug Rant, but decided not to post it today. Maybe I’ll hang onto it until I can’t stand the seasonal craziness anymore or maybe I’ll just turf it and spare my delicate readers. Jury is still out.

I have to go out today to the dentist for a cleaning session with the lovely Victoria, my dental hygienist. The appointment spans lunchtime so I won’t be able to eat again until later this afternoon. Not great timing so I tried to eat a big breakfast of ham and eggs and hope it sticks around. Grumbling tummy noises clash with the sonic cleaner and polisher noises. Of course I leave off my hearing aids! Which reminds me, I need to get them checked and my audiologist is just upstairs from the dentist. Maybe I can leave them there while I’m at the dentist and pick them up afterward. I’ve done that before and it saved me a trip.

The weather still remains in firm November mode: rain, wind, dark clouds, gloom. Even the most resistant and cheerful personalities get depressed. Right now it’s cloudy but not raining. What’s the bet that it will start sprinkling the minute I leave the house? I want to walk the 45 minutes instead of taking the bus or going only 1 stop on the Canada Line rapid transit (which BTW I haven’t ridden yet since it was completed a few months ago). I don’t want to get soaking wet either though so I’ll wait to decide my travel method until later this morning when I see what the sky looks like. As if that means anything! Even the weatherman with Doppler radar can’t get it right.

Meanwhile I’m already nearly finished one of the legwarmers. I haven’t found a repeat in the yarn’s colour sequence yet! It’s fun because never know what’s coming up next. I plan to make them longer than the pattern states because it’s sized for a 4-year-old and Princess P is already 5 and getting taller by the minute. I made the plain section 1/2” longer and will knit maybe an inch more ribbing on the top. I never get bored of plain circular stockinette or 1/1 or 2/2 ribbing. I can practically do those in my sleep. These legwarmers have all 3 easy stitches and no shaping (except for one increase row before the top rib). So relaxing. Too bad I can’t knit while my teeth are being cleaned, huh? Not at all conducive to even tension however assuming I could even see what I was doing!

Gotta go get a shower before heading for the Horrors of the Shopping Mall, above which my dentist and audiologist are situated. It’s hard to avert my eyes from all the Tasteless Christmas Crap and still watch where I’m going. Luckily I won’t be wearing the “ears” so the carols won’t sound so banal. If I can hear them at all amidst the general noise. So what happened to all those vows to live an environmental, sustainable, green, reduced, reused, recycled, etc. life?

Oops, that rant is trying to get out again. I know. Shut up, Damselfly. Hey, it’s brightening up!

ETA:  I take back the Tasteless Christmas Crap insult. Oakridge Mall was quite restrained and elegant and I only had to endure one store’s music. However, I do prefer that Santa at least wait until December. It’s just too long for little ones to wait after seeing him. Cute though. Oh, and I took the Canada Line the one stop towards home, just to try it out. Clean, efficient, and (urp!) underground. I’m not especially happy underground but at least the trains are wider and open from car to car so it’s not too claustrophobic. If I went the other direction it does eventually come out over the Fraser River to Richmond. Will have to do that another time.


Susan said...

I just got my teeth cleaned while still under the effects of a migraine. I begged off on the polishing.

I know that you really dislike Christmas... and so do I for many of the same reasons, but it is what is my dear... Just show those lovely g-kids a different way of celebrating!

You've had some tough times recently... hope you find your smile again soon.

Hugs, Susan

Louisa said...

Thank you, sweetie, for reminding me that "it is what it is". Turfing my rant now and I hope you read the edited addition to the post. Oh, and don't forget to smack me upside the head if I get too scrooge-like again, okay? I know I can be as annoying as the smarmy carols. ;)

Susan said...

My brother in law (in sin) was an electrician on that line so shall I tell him you approve? :)

I wouldn't call you annoying... but what are friends for?

Hugs, Susan

Louisa said...

Yep. Tell your BIL the Canada Line works good! Was a PITA to build, but worth it in the end.