Friday, December 11, 2009

I Was Warned

But of course that didn’t stop me! I got my flu shots yesterday, both of them (H1N1 and seasonal) one in each arm, and today I feel crappy. My left arm (the oinker one) is puffy and both of them are sore. I have a headache and I slept badly, waking up every time I turned over – which was often. So all the ouchies had better be worth it! I’d just better not get any flu this winter. Just sayin’. T-Man, who already had his shots and knew what I was feeling, handed me an Advil and my tea in bed this morning. Awww…what a sweetie.

Besides my flu shots, I went to see my doc yesterday for the 4th (5th?) time about the eczema on my hands and especially my feet. This has been ongoing since May and neither slathering with 3 different prescription creams plus shea butter and handmade cream with tea tree oil nor figuring out that it’s being aggravated by allergy/sensitivity to black pepper and pork (go figure) and probably something else as well has helped it go away. I’ve never had eczema before that I know of. Darling Doc is admitting defeat and sending me to a dermatologist. It would be nice to get rid of the itchies that keep me awake at night and make it uncomfortable to walk as much as I like to do. Hope this Dr. Gray (no, not the TV one!) can help. I’m about ready to try anything.

Aside from feeling sorry for myself, I’m celebrating finishing my Green Peace Sweater (slight but obvious title change) and it fits! Yay! Only took 8 days to knit so now I understand why so many knitters like bulky yarn and fat needles. Much more immediate gratification! Right now it’s still drying on the sweater rack after I washed it yesterday. I didn’t think just steaming was adequate to block this vintage handspun yarn which is now somewhat felted. Plus it was still a little dusty even after I washed the sweater before I frogged it and the yarn again afterward. I used about 560 yards and had 225 g of yarn (about 185 yards) left so there was plenty. Enough left to make another Hill Country Hat maybe? (Not right now though.) Photos of the sweater are coming, maybe tomorrow when I have T available to take pics of me wearing it. I want to show how flattering this shape is on my lumpy self.

Since that sweater was such a success, I’m hoping to go back to the Green Star sweater I started last summer. It’s been languishing because it needed more modification to fit me which takes…gasp! Math! I can do it. I just don’t enjoy it. Which makes me tend to avoid it. Probably the reason I don’t knit as many sweaters as I’d like. I’m trying to get over that.

It’s supposed to snow here over the next few days. That oughta make it a bit more festive, if somewhat more difficult to get around in. I’m recalling last winter’s record snowfalls:

P1020960After that fiasco the city finally made it mandatory to shovel all public sidewalks near your home or business. They even suggested helping out your neighbours if they aren’t able to do it. (Too bad folks need public reminders to be kind, huh?) Hope they follow through. Otherwise I’m just staying home until it melts.


Sharon in Surrey said...

Try zinc - when it works, it's like magic!! You can take the tablets or rub it on - since we need a little zinc anyway, I'd take both. It's cheap & works about as often as not. I've seen some marvelous things happen. Having said that, since it doesn't really work for me, I use a fine olive oil after a hot shower & into flannel jammies & wool sox. Skin is wonderful the next day.

Louisa said...

Shea butter is nicer than olive oil! I have a huge 1-pound jar of the stuff. But I haven't tried the zinc yet and I have some so maybe that's next. Thanks for reminding me. I'm not going to give up without a fight!