Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Return to Sanity

Or at least that’s what I was hoping for. Unfortunately I woke up this morning to the Return Of The Dizzies. As the author of the Magnusmog blog put it, I’m “bumbling around the house like a bee with a defective flight plan”. Mostly I’m not moving much at all right now if I can help it.

Just yesterday I was feeling perfectly fine. We had a lovely New Year’s Day with the family and more turkey. Yum. I do not get tired of turkey. Or cute babies. Or catching up with everyone’s news, or at least the bits I missed at Solstice and Christmas gatherings. It was lovely but now I’m going to have to hunker down and get some actual work done in the coming weeks. Time’s a-wasting.

We were hoping to get out for a walk today but the bumbling bee syndrome and the cold rain kind of put a damper on our ambitions. Never mind. Knitting and reading are getting done instead. Walking can happen later when the weather improves some. Not that I mind a little rain, but the kind that gets you soaked through your pant legs in a block-and-a-half is not conducive to a pleasant outing. Not if I have an option to avoid it. I don’t truly need to be anywhere so here I stay.

I did manage to get quite a bit of knitting done on The Ninja’s birthday socks for this year. I’ll definitely have them done on time. I also have other socks planned to knit, particularly for grand-beastie Stargazer who grew out of all his previous pairs. Naturally he can’t wear his sister’s hand-me-downs because…they’re peeeeennnnk! Horrors. His feet are big enough now that I need more than just leftover scraps to make a pair but I might be able to get 2 pairs out of a 100g ball of sock yarn. If I don’t make the cuffs too long. I suppose I’m making up for only knitting 7 pairs of socks last year instead of the 16 pairs I made the year before?


Sharon in Surrey said...

Yup - you've fallen down on the job there old girl!! One thing about kids is that they'll keep on growing!! When I was knitting for a tribe, I always had a pair or two on the go & one in the basket in case of a birthday, contest, anniversary, emergency or mystery hole. I didn't have to contend with growth but after the first dozen, I could guesstimate the foot size so there was always another pair in the basket . . . I'm amazed at how many socks I knit in 2008!!

magnusmog said...

Sorry about ther dizzies - hope the bees behave better soon:)