Monday, March 15, 2010


That’s not only the noise my tummy is making but my feelings right now. I’ve had something of a tummy bug for the last couple of days, similar to (but not quite as bad as) what happened recently when I thought I had food poisoning. It’s not as awful as you might be thinking (at least, not now) but it’s rumbling and unhappy and uninterested in eating. Not the ideal way to lose weight! Just saying. It made me miss a lovely luncheon on Saturday with dear friends, including one visiting from Japan. Grumble.

Anyway, since I need to make an appointment with my family doc for a check-up anyhow I’ll just add it to my list of Interesting Anomalies To Discuss. And speaking of doctors, I’m going to see the dermatologist again today to complain that my feet and hands were improving for a short while but now they’re worse than they were last time I saw him. More grumbling. I’ve applied every kind of goo he said to use and hope that I got all his complex instructions correctly. More Discussion will ensue.

I don’t think he gets that I must have my hands and feet functional. They can’t be itching and burning when I need to use them. I work with my hands. I walk 20-30 kilometres per week. I do not want to stop doing either of those things! Arrgh!! Rant over.

Crafty news: I’m obsessing over my crocheted Tweedi Cardi:

TweediCardi_prog I’m a bit annoyed that the pattern stitch I used in the middle of the yoke seems to be pulling in some. Obviously my swatch of this part wasn’t large enough to get the full effect. I’m hoping that it will block out more. At least the thing fits! The advantage of top-down construction is that you can try it on as you go. Lengths and fit can be adjusted on the fly, no seams, and few ends to finish. No wonder this style is so popular! It also suits a multitude of body types. Please may it not go out of style anytime soon?

I also had another photo assignment, my friend Kirsten’s scarf. She needed a couple of shots to send in for an invitation card for our guild’s upcoming gallery show at the Seymour Art Gallery in Deep Cove, North Van. (That’s the same one that I hope my bison scarf will be in.) Here’s a detail shot. Isn’t it pretty?

Kscarf_det Love the crinkly loopy texture! That’s silk, tencel, paper, linen and wool/lycra all in there. She’s so talented. BTW, what’s with me being elected the go-to-girl for the guild’s gallery photography lately? Not like I have fancy equipment or anything! This was taken with my aging digital camera outside on my wet deck on a mat covered in an old (probably as old as I am!) sheet. Not exactly state-of-the-art stuff here.

What else? It’s most definitely spring around here:

CherryBlossoms Apologies to anyone still in the snow! That’s the Dr. Lam cherry garden at VanDusen in full spate. And, just because this cracked me up completely, would you send your kid to this school?

SchoolSign Ummm…I actually went there for Grade 10, some 40…mumble…years ago. Could explain me, huh? It’s name shall remain anonymous. At least in this post.

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