Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Stash Or Consequences

I was reminded recently of the fact that we have no guest room in our house. There is only the old lumpy pull-out couch in the living room for use in a pinch and an extra foamie (that actually goes camping in the VW van) for a real emergency. If we could find enough bare floor somewhere to lie it down on, that is. Yes, this is perhaps a little odd compared to most people. It’s not that we’re completely antisocial. Just that we are particular with whom we share and we only have one bathroom in our smallish house. Probably most people wouldn’t mistake it for a B&B anyway! A potential guest would have to be either really unfussy and/or totally desperate to even inquire. In which case we’d be delighted to help.

As our kids moved out we just took over the extra space with our craft stuff. And we didn’t include a bed in it anywhere. Just in case somebody wasn’t enjoying their newfound adulthood and wanted to move back in. The return policy only worked once! Fly, little birdies, fly. Meanies, aren’t we? Worked though. Unfortunately all the stashes took on lives of their own with all that space to play in!

Speaking of stash, I have to go hunt down some fabric to do some flour paste resist samples today. I want to get the paste on so it can dry for our Spectrum meeting tomorrow where I’ll be applying the fabric paint. The gang wanted to do some more paste paper, but I really don’t need any more myself. So this is my ‘same but different’ effort. I think a few others were interested in pursuing it further as well. I’ll try to take a few photos to document the procedure and results. It’ll be an adventure though because it’s kind of dark and damp today. Hope the stuff manages to dry or I may have to speed it up with a fan.

In other crafty news, I’m cruising down the last elbow-length sleeve on the Tweedi Cardi. I had to alternate directions with the rounds to make it resemble the main body which was worked back and forth. The single crochet round is worked on the outside, then I have to turn for the double crochet round which is worked from the inside. It’s not hard but means I have to flip the whole sweater around often. You can barely see where the rounds meet anyhow. It seems to fit me very well though I won’t really know for sure until it’s well washed to remove all the dust and spinning oil and to full and soften it. I’m hoping when it’s finally blocked it will help keep the corners from curling too much. I’m so in love with top-down circular construction – only a couple of ends to sew in, a button to attach and she’s done! No stinkin’ seams! Not that I particularly mind sewing seams as much as some people do, but it does take extra time. And the garment looks so streamlined and elegant all in one piece. Should have it finished today.

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Mary said...

Oh I so hate seams!! Cant wait to see a pic!