Friday, July 09, 2010

Water Water Everywhere

Give the plants a drop to drink. Or lots of drops. I’ve been spending quite a lot of time hauling hoses around and watering my gardens in the last couple of days. Did you know that one can actually build muscles that way? Who needs to go to the gym? And yes, it’s already starting to get tedious. However, it’s better than the weather we were getting earlier in the season so I’m trying hard not to complain! Even though I couldn’t get to sleep last night until it cooled down some because it was meltingly hot in our bedroom. Bleh. The good news is that we no longer sleep upstairs where it was even hotter. Summer. We asked for it, didn’t we?

I’ve planted some more seeds since now there are several bare patches in my garden beds. More kale, tah tsai, cilantro, basil, leeks and purple sprouting broccoli. The latter will hopefully overwinter and give good eating in the spring when nothing much else is happening. These I planted in flats to keep them away from the slugs until they’re big enough to fend for themselves. I squished probably a dozen of the slimy beasts this morning alone. Ick. I also planted a small patch of mixed greens directly in the garden. We’ll see what happens with that. You never know - sometimes they can outgrow the chomping critters and actually become edible.

Enough gardening. What else? Nearly finished the front of Stargazer’s new Johnny Boy sweater. I just realised I haven’t gotten a photo of it yet for Ravelry. Must remedy that. Not like I’m knitting up a storm these days, is it? Not while I’m playing with sewing instead.

Speaking of which, if I’m going to get anything done up there in the Studio That Is Hotter Than Hades, I had better get out the swamp cooler. It seems a wee bit more tolerable today than yesterday, but the day ain’t over yet. I shouldn’t complain though. By next week it’s supposed to cool back down again. Hopefully not to the frigid level it was last week though, surely?

But before I go upstairs, I think I might just head down to the laundry area and wash one of my fleeces while it’s still sunny enough to dry it quickly. I have a black NZ Corriedale that will be a sweater for T-Man some day, plus the rest of the Merino X from the Anne Field workshop. I won’t get it all done today but I’d like to at least get a start on it. Besides, it’s nice and cool down there. At least until I start filling the washing machine up with super-hot water!

Enough sitting around here hanging out on the computer. Besides, Knitty’s new First Fall issue is just out but I don’t seem to be able to access it this morning. Probably all the other gazillion knitters overloading the server in an attempt to see it too. I’ll just wait until later. I’m patient. It’ll wait for me.

Just like everything else is waiting. Go to it, damselfly!

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