Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Turning Point?

After being completely catered to all Easter long-weekend by my beloved T-Man (he cooked; he vacuumed; he even washed dishes!), I think I’m finally starting to feel some improvement. Though I probably shouldn’t say that in case the universe decides to slap me upside the head again, should I? I finished my round of antibiotics today so that’s one thing checked off. The cough is considerably improved, though my chest still hurts like I’ve been kicked in the ribs. The delightfully multicoloured snot is still quite in evidence however and I was forced to have yet another Emergency Hanky Wash session this morning. The big news is that my taste buds are slowly returning along with my appetite. It’s amazingly hard to eat when you can’t really taste anything except germs. Too bad it didn’t lead to any weight loss. Less calories + no action = 0. Sigh.

So here’s the real evidence of my slow recuperation – actual photos! Progress so far on the baby bibs for Rosebud:


I just have to finish knitting #4 and then finish up the ends and sew on the velcro. I’m quite enamoured of this yarn:


Schachenmayr/Nomotta Punto Fancy Color. It’s 55% cotton and 45% acrylic but it feels like a soft cotton. It helps that it’s only $1.99 a ball at good old Dressew. The label advises to wash cold and don’t tumble dry but the last set of these that I made plus the matching blanket have been washed in a normal laundry and machine dried a bunch of times with no problems. I did seal the joins with a tiny dab of fray-check stuff though because I thought it would escape if I didn’t. I plan to do the same with this set of bibs. I know these will be very welcome because Rosebud is such a drooler that she goes through several bib changes in a day. Reminds me of her uncle, The Ninja, when he was a baby. Her mom wasn’t quite as soggy.

I’m not giving myself any deadlines but I should finish these up perhaps by tomorrow. Then I need to go back to the Abotanicity Tunic or I’ll never finish it. I know I won’t really get to wear it until next fall now anyhow but I don’t want to totally lose the momentum. That can sometimes be the Kiss of Death! I’d rather store it over the summer in wait for cooler weather and get on to other projects without guilt.

Nothing else new or pithy to add today. I’m trying not to overdo things and cause a relapse. However actually caring that something needs doing is a big improvement right there!

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Evelyn said...

That was a long haul! glad you are more better and in time for some better weather!