Saturday, April 02, 2011

What He Said

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.    Oscar Wilde

(I love Mr. Wilde and his pointed wit.) You know, I’m not really oblivious to fashion. But these days I’m quite immune to its more egregious effects. It’s so annoying when I just start to feel that the Designer Powers That Be have finally gotten something right that’s attractive on many different ages and shapes when…poof! It all changes again. And they bring out something, for example that winter-shorts-with-knee-boots thing, that doesn’t look good on anyone who isn’t a 15-year-old stick-figure. (No offense to 15-year-old stick-figures. I used to be one about a gazillion years ago.) I’m noticing that particular item seems to have run its course. Wonder what comes next? Maybe I don’t want to know? I’ll find out soon enough anyhow. And I’ve likely seen it before as these things cycle around again.

On the home front, we weren’t able to get much help at the clinic for Rosebud’s blister problem yesterday. The decision was to go with a thinner “skin” patch and continue to use the foam donuts over top. The blister on the side of her foot is healed pretty well but the heel is still ookie (medical term). There’s yet another appointment on Monday with more specialists available so we’ll see what happens then. Meanwhile the little darlin’ is growing and learning how to use her gooey hands to grab your face and to roll almost all the way over. She’s nearly 17 lbs now at just 4 months. Adorable little chubby cheeks!

Today I’m spending lazily in bed in my jammies trying not to cough up my insides. Thankfully we ended up not having to babysit the Grandbeasties because their mom was sprung loose early from hospital yesterday evening. I haven’t heard whether or not they were able to get the information they needed while keeping her wired for sound all week. Guess we’ll find out eventually. Bet the kids were glad to have her home though! And I’m glad that I can take some time to recuperate from this whateveritis. I do not feel great at all.

You’d think I would appreciate the “holiday” but unfortunately I’m getting somewhat bored with the lazing around. I have things to do besides knitting, reading blogs and drinking copious cups of tea. It’s nice outside, darn it! Maybe I can drag myself upstairs for awhile and play some more with my patterns. I think I’m finally getting the tricks to making garments fit me the way I like. Good old Debbie Double has been a great help with this. I don’t know how I ever got along without her! I can pin-fit on her and be reasonably sure that it will also fit me.  Unlike a regular dressmaker’s dummy she has exactly my “mature” figure including all of its faults. I can flip the half-pattern over and make sure it fits the opposite side too because of course Debbie and I are not symmetrical. Much easier than trying to do it on myself, that’s for sure. Debbie is even the same height as me so I can get an idea of correct lengths. One thing she can’t do is pants fitting since she has only one leg and no proper crotch area to speak of, poor thing. However she is very patient and will stand still as long as I need her to. And I can even stick pins in her and she doesn’t flinch at all. Mwa-ha-ha.

Thanks to all my dear readers for their sympathetic comments on my last post. If I’m not feeling considerably better on Monday, I’ll make an appointment to see my doc.

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