Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who Is That Old Lady In The Mirror?

You know things are bad when - for once – I’m not wishing for more hours in a day. I’m wanting to pass quickly to the day when I’m healthy again. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I certainly don’t do sick very well. Right now I hardly recognise myself. And no, I’m not going to show you because frankly you don’t want to see. I don’t want to look either. I’m poochy and gray and my lips are peeling. There’s big bags under my eyes too. I think the cough has eased up a lot but I’m afraid to say so unless I jinx it into returning full force. I’m waiting impatiently for it all to just go away. Waiting and waiting and waiting. And mostly missing this gorgeous sunny and even warm-ish (finally a more seasonal 14C) day. I’m headachy, a bit dizzy and totally lacking energy. I’m finding it particularly hard to concentrate so I’m mostly just reading and knitting bibs for Rosebud. (2 done, 2 to go.) Anything more exciting than that either exhausts me or is just too complex for my meagre little snot-filled brain. Everything else is just going to have to wait along with me. This too will pass. Because it has No Other Option. So there.

I had to do an emergency hanky wash yesterday because I was running out of the dozen-plus big man-sized hankies and ended up having to boil them in soap and soda ash to get them clean and disinfected. (Bleach is NOT AN OPTION in my world.) Only after that extraordinary step would I put them into the regular laundry load. They came out quite sparkly so it was worth all the trouble. I totally prefer hankies to kleenex even if you can’t just toss them when they’re gross. It fulfills all of the 3 R’s: Reduce (no trees chopped for pulp or garbage created), Reuse (over and over until they finally disintegrate), and Recycle (a number of my hankies once belonged to other family members). Yeah I know they use energy to clean but normally they don’t need such drastic measures as I put them through yesterday and a few hankies don’t take up much space in a regular load of laundry. When I think of the number of boxes of tissues I used to buy I wonder why I didn’t switch a long time ago! I plan to keep an eye out for suitable fabric to make a new bunch. Linen would be so cool! Or how about bamboo? Has to be a very lightweight weave though.

Oh look. Another post with no photos. And a lot more whining. How boring. Nothing to see here. Do come back another time.


Evelyn said...

Being sick is no fun! There used to be so many pretty hankie designs out there - I collect them when I see them too. Haven't had much use this year - fingers crossed. ;)

Silk said...

so sorry you are feeling so rotten... been there done that this year...cold twice in a month... UTI twice,and then bronchitis, my old body doesn't do these things well..just starting to feel human now...