Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Drive-Thru Post

Yeah, I know everyone is waiting for the next instalment of the GGG report. However, I’m having complications. My camera has decided that it doesn’t want to work with any of my available batteries. I also just got a new upgraded version X4 of Paint Shop Pro and it’s…different. Just enough different to take me some time to figure out how to process photos the way I want. Plus I’ve run out of yarn for the Handspun Brownstone Sweater so have to spin some more before I can finish it for T-Man. And in between I’m sewing up a shirt in the rayon batik fabric that I bought in Portland.

At least it’s been raining enough that I’ve been discouraged from gardening. I have more fall rye to plant, along with the garlic and some spring bulbs. Every time I try to get outside it starts to sprinkle. The soil is much too wet to work with anyhow. I’m holding out hope that the currently blooming Japanese indigo will mature into seeds before frost. Right now I have enough leaves from it and also the woad that I could do a vat of each but I’m not sure I’ll get to it. Oh well. I’m running out of things to dye anyway. I have the rest of the weld in the basement and am slowly chopping it up with the kitchen shears. I have to do it in short bursts or it hurts my hands and gives me blisters. I will have lots from this year’s harvest and there are more first-year plants in the garden so I won’t need to plant any more next spring. Have several teaspoons of seeds though! Anybody want some? How about woad seeds? Oh yeah. It’s supposed to be a noxious weed. Not nearly the PITA that lemon balm, feverfew, cornflower, oregano and alyssum are in my garden! Even raspberries that keep popping up in the pathway. Woad is pretty well-behaved in comparison.

So this is all you get for the moment. Sorry about that. I’ll get to the next part of the GGG as soon as I can. Meanwhile, go do something creative! I’m off to spin.

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Enjoyed all the photos & descriptions of your Geyser holiday but it's also nice to see something else too!! If you want some wooley fun, go look at She's been on a Fibre Week around Shetland!!! I want a couple of those fleeces dammit!! LOL And I know all about Lemon Balm & Oregano - they're everywhere in my planters & in the lawn. And the Peppermint & Fennel are just as bad. Wish the Rosemary would grow like that!
I was thinking of trying Woad but I might be better off just using my Mother MacKenzie Dye kit instead.