Friday, January 27, 2012


If you need another review of the Dennic Chunman Lo patternmaking book there’s a really good one here. I agree with her evaluation 100% and she’s a much better writer than I am! There’s also a lot more pictures. Enjoy.

Also thanks muchly for the lovely comments on my recent FOs! To the Knotty Spinster: the link to the Hitchhiker’s Ravelry page was there but it was a little invisible after I changed the text colour. Sorry about that. I always include a pattern link if one is available. Try this one instead. Unfortunately it’s only available through Ravelry but you can buy it separately or together with 3 other delightful shawlette patterns. I want to knit them all. Eventually.

So I have been slowly working on my Embers Cowl now that I’ve fixed the last major error. I had accidentally missed one of the three stitches in an SSSK several rows down so I had one extra stitch that confused the heck out of me for awhile. Found it with good light and a lot of patience! Now I’m zooming along again and just about finished the 3rd repeat whereupon I need to change needle tips to a smaller size to narrow the cowl at the top. I love my Addi Lace Cliks, especially when I can use a cable that gives me a 16” length. Perfect for this qiviut cowl. Isn’t it pretty?


I can’t tell if the colour is accurate for you. It’s a dark warm red. It looked good on my camera but needed tweaking on my screen. I may have gone too far! Hope not. It’s so luscious.

Gotta go cut out my skirt. I now have a pattern and the leftover green sweatshirt fabric from my Green Tunic. Let’s hope I can fit the pattern on the fabric. It’s going to be tight! A cliff-hanger…

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Sharon in Surrey said...

It's a lovely dark warm red in my photo!! I would wear that color for sure. Looks really nice - can't wait to see it when it's finished.