Sunday, January 01, 2012


Just a quick one to wish you and yours all the best in 2012! Thanks for hanging around with me as I muddle through life and craft. Blogs are kind of going out of style in favour of Facebook and Twitter but I’m sticking around. I like this format for working through my projects and expressing my thoughts. This May will be my seventh Blogiversary. Scary, huh? Time flies when you’re having a good time!

So we went to bed at our usual ridiculously early time last night but got woken up at midnight by the clamour. The boats in the harbour were having some kind of game trying to see who could hold their horn the longest. It went on for at least 10 minutes! Neighbours yelled and banged on pots and pans and an amazing amount of firecrackers and fireworks went off. Did they save them all from Halloween? It was awhile before it was quiet enough to get back to sleep.

My dear French-Canadian sis-in-law tells me that she’d never heard of banging pots and pans until she came out to the west coast. I remember doing it as a very small child here. Obviously our traditions are different everywhere! But nearly everyone follows this calendar and celebrates on the same day. What traditions do you find important to bring in the first day of the new year properly? I don’t seem to be a big upholder of any cultural traditions, perhaps because I’m such mish-mash of cultures myself (French/Bohemian/Alsatian by blood but brought up in a Scots/Canadian home). T-Man is English/Scots/Canadian but he also lacks any serious traditions. So we just spend New Year’s Day with family.

Oh, and before I forget – thanks for all the lovely comments on my Minoru Jacket! I wore it out a couple of times in the wind and a sprinkle of rain and it performed to perfection. I was warm and dry and comfortable. Happiness.

Begin as you mean to go on! I’m looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish this year. I’ve already started on my Relegation goal.

Happy New Year!


Trapunto said...

My mother's family came from southern Idaho and we banged pots and and swept the old year off the porch with a broom, but we were the only ones I knew of who did it.

Glad you're sticking around, and happy new year to you too!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I'm Scots/English with no traditions remaining from childhood. My English great granny used to do the mince pie/steak & kidney pie/roast goose thing with the pot banging at midnight when I was a very small child. We used to bang the pots when I was a preteen too but not once I started babysitting on New Year's Eve. Not much action around here this year - I only heard two firecracker bangs.