Monday, March 12, 2012

Wild Weather

It’s been super-windy here. Luckily we didn’t lose power but lots of folks did. There are trees down in several places including a few more in beautiful Stanley Park. I kept hearing thumps and bumps on the house but apart from small branches from my neighbour’s fir trees across the street everything seems to be fine. It was a wild near-hurricane strength ride while it was happening!

Meanwhile inside Zombie Plague Mansion, I’ve been continuing to take it relatively easy. T-Man did a yeoman job of taking care of things for his extended weekend (he had Friday off) but back to work today meant that I was on my own. Happily I felt a wee bit more energised so I was able to keep myself in tea and food but still didn’t try to do much more than that. You know when you have a fantasy of having lots of time just to laze around and knit and read all day? I’m here to tell you it gets old really fast! I demand to know where my energy went. I want it back. Now. I never thought this could happen, but I’m getting bored!

In crafty news, I started another Ten Stitch Blanket even though I’m not finished the first one yet. T-Man liked the look of mine and decided that he could use one too. It’s not like I don’t have more sock yarn scraps! As a matter of fact, a lot of the darker ones (many of which went into his own socks) are still unused. Here’s the beginning bit:


Somehow that came out a little lighter than reality. I’m still learning my new camera. I needed a more portable project than my first blanket is now. It’s a little brighter as well. Here’s what it looks like so far:


It’s nearly a yard square so it’s hard to get it all in the photo! I want to do about 4 or 5 more rounds at least to make it a good-sized lap blanket. It’s surprisingly easy to do even though you have to turn the work every 10 stitches. This one is big enough to lay over my knees and I only need to turn just the little section I’m knitting on. Stashbuster, lap-warmer and knitting project all in one!

Sorry. Nothing else exciting to talk about today.


Nancy said...

Oooo... can I join the waiting line for one of those blankets? It looks so lovely and fun, like a scrappy quilt!

Suzanne said...

thanks Louisa for this nice idea...I managed to use up some sock yarn leftovers with Noel ornaments like mini sweaters., but this would really make a dent in the stash, in all yarn weights, woudn't it? must cast on NOW!!!

Dixie said...

What a great way to use up yarn leftovers! Both of these blankets are so colorful - they're quite cheery!
Regarding having to turn your work every 10 stitches - have you tried knitting backward? I haven't been able to master it, but you basically just reverse which needle you put into the stich, and you can hold the yarn in the same hand as usual. Maybe something to try as you're getting over your ailment. Sorry the zombies got you. A different one got me and I slept 14 hours each day for the past 3 days. Watching TV got really old; even knitting got old! Hope you get your energy back soon!

Sharon in Surrey said...

Coddle yourself & sleep all you can & maybe it won't get any worse!! I've usually found that if I pay attention & spend a day or two sleeping when I get achy & sleepy, I can usually avoid a big problem. Not. This. Time. But, if you're eating & bored, you're getting better!! Love the blanket. How are you joining it?? Knit two stitches together at the edge???