Monday, June 18, 2012

The Great Bathroom Fix Pt.3

Yes, I’m still here though I’m Super-Tired. This project is certainly taking longer than I originally thought it would! It’s also taking more money and a lot more energy. Just the painting alone took us 3 days, one for each coat. I only took one picture because my hands were mostly busy but I just loved this view:


Isn’t it hilarious? Told you it’s a really small bathroom, didn’t I?  If you’re wondering where we hid it, the toilet is squeezed in the niche in the back between the window and the bathtub. It also was completely covered in paper! I love T-Man’s diligence with the masking but it was hard to find the handle to flush. That pink is the undercoat not the final colour. I’m saving that for the Big Reveal.

Today the paper is gone and we are on the home stretch. And I don’t have to help! Yay. After spending a goodly part of yesterday on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor tiles and scraping grout, I’m grateful for a reprieve. A bit more caulking, a final bathtub bleach and rinse, and waxing the floor and (maybe!) it’s done. The poor 80-year-old porcelain tub has no finish left on the bottom so it’s particularly hard to clean. But as T says: at least it’s not slippery!

To hide spiff up the old tubby we got a new shower curtain and liner plus new metal hooks. (We finally turfed the ugly brown plastic ones that we’ve had for about 35 years. Yay! Didn’t owe us anything.) The liner is the pale yellow-gold of the tub and the outer curtain is translucent white with a white tree silhouette. I’ve never had more than just a liner before so this should be interesting. We also got some new clear glass mugs for the toothbrushes but can’t find a soap dish that we like. Still hunting that item along with a toilet brush that isn’t cheap and tacky. Found a stainless steel version but it was $30 – and no way to replace the brush easily if it wore out. No thanks. This little venture has already cost over $300 and taken more than 2 weeks so far. No wonder I’m exhausted. And a bit sore in a few muscles but not as bad as one might expect. All that gardening must’ve toughened me up.

Nothing much else to report. We went to our neighbourhood car-free day yesterday and enjoyed watching all the people smiling and having fun. I get such a kick out of walking down the middle of what is usually a really busy Main Street with several thousand of my neighbours! I also bought some more of the cheap lightweight Indian scarves that I seem to succumb to every year from the same street booth. I can have one for every outfit at 3 for $10 so naturally I bought 6 this time. My knitted scarves are too warm for summer (assuming we ever get any). And the rayon and cotton ones get sweaty and smelly so need frequent washing. I’m set now until some of them wear out. Or until I weave some better ones myself. I know scarves are really popular right now but I’ve been wearing them year-round for a very long time. The fashionistas are currently all copying my signature look. Heh.

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