Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching Up

Sheesh! I was hunting all over the place for where I recorded the information on the first Ten-Stitch Blanket. Nowhere to be found! Guess I forgot to write it up. It’s pretty similar to the second one anyhow. Here ya go:

Ten-Stitch Blanket The First


Begun:  February 6, 2012

Completed:  June 11, 2012

Yarns:  leftover scraps of superwash wool/nylon sock yarn, baby yarn and anything else of the right weight. Jo-Ann Sensations Bamboo & Ewe, 1 ball purple.

Needles:  T’s purpleheart handturned dpns, 3mm, only used 2 of the set. Broke one! Sniff.

Pattern: Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown, free pattern on Ravelry.

Comments:  I needed to reduce the bin of leftover sock yarns so made this cosy blanket for TV watching. I didn’t do the corners right in the beginning so they cause it to ripple at the edges. Oh well. I used up the ball of bamboo/wool yarn for the final round, ran out and then used whatever purples I could find to finish.

Two posts in one day! Enjoy. I’m going back to the sewing machine….


Dixie said...

A blanket of many colors - and very pretty! I can't imagine knitting this much sock yarn. What are the dimensions of the blanket?

shams said...

What a pretty afghan, Louisa! And using sock yarn?? Impressive!

Louisa said...

Sorry, I forgot to post the final measurements of the afghans: approximately 42" square. It's kind of hard to measure accurately because they are squishy and spongey!

Louisa said...

Oh, and thanks for all your kind words!