Friday, February 27, 2015

Process & Progress

Lately I’ve been knitting like crazy with a side-order of frogging. Unfortunately that’s what I get for knitting during the Oscars – mistakes. However, the nice thing about my handspun RomneyX wool yarn is that it stays put and doesn’t ravel farther than I planned. It just patiently waits for the needle to pick each stitch back up again:

MusketSweater fix

How nice. I’ve taken advantage of that an awful lot lately As I’ve mentioned I’m using Jared Flood’s Brownstone pattern but changing the neckline. That necessitated some knit-math and I’m not sure I did it quite right but the results look promising anyway:


Note that a lot of that unevenness will smooth out in the blocking. But it will still retain some funkiness because it is handspun after all. And pretty darned uneven handspun too! Now I have to bind off the rest of the neck and pick up the stitches for the short collar. The front placket pieces will go last so they can be picked up along the edges of the collar. I want to knit these in seed stitch to give them a little thickness and stability. Oh and I need to find some buttons so I know how many buttonholes to make. Stash dive coming up!

Now that I’ve nearly done this project I will have to go back and fix my Little Black Cardi. Sigh. Not yet sure what I’m going to do about it but it likely means frogging at least the right front and trying again. Oh well. At least I like the process of knitting as much as the results.

Nothing else exciting to report. So in spite of all the warnings that weather bragging is just annoying for those locked in Perpetual Winter Wonderland, I’ll leave you you with some more photos from our recent beach holiday:


This is Nehalem Bay, Oregon, on the river side of the sandbar you see at the top of the photo. (The other side is the wide Pacific.) The 2-mile paved bicycle trail goes right by this spot between the tiny airport landing strip and the bay. Yes, it was about 21C (70F) and gloriously sunny that day. It wasn’t quite as hot or sunny the next day at Cape Disappointment:

BensonBeach northend

It was still rather pleasant though! This is the far northern end of Benson Beach looking south. I’ve never seen such incredibly black and sparkly beach sand before. It’s really very pretty. This holiday was our first visit to Washington State’s Cape Disappointment State Park but we definitely need to come back and explore some more.

Oh alright. I’ll leave off and go finish the Musket Sweater. Stay warm! Hint: wear wool.


Sharon in Surrey said...

Great progress on your sweater. A seed stitch button band will really set off that simple knit. Funny, I like knitting with my handspun, it's so soft & wonderful. Don't know why I don't do it more often.

Dixie said...

Your sweater is looking very nice. So is your weather. So shut up about it!
Today I ventured out to Webs in western Massachusetts. Their shrubbery is above the snowline, while I haven't seen a bush in over a month. I'm predicting the snow on the north side of our house, where my flower beds are, to melt by mid-May.

Louisa said...

Sorry about your Too Much Snow, Dixie! The mountains here are having to shut down their ski runs because No Snow. I think it would have been better for all if it was shared around more equally, yes? Global weirding for sure!

Louisa said...

Yes, Sharon, you should definitely knit with handspun. It feels quite different somehow. I love it!