Saturday, May 09, 2015

Gallery Show

So in all the talk of indigo I forgot to mention the gallery display that Thom & I participated in is on from now until the end of June at the Roundhouse Community Centre in downtown Vancouver. West Coast Synergies: Fibre + Wood + Metal sounds like a really prestigious show, doesn’t it? However, it’s merely a couple of glass cases and a plinth on one wall of an entry to the centre. Not to disparage it at all. There’s some delicious items displayed there! Especially if you can appreciate what went into each collaborative piece.

So if you can’t make it in person, come on the tour with me. The guitar that Thom & I collaborated on kind of stands out, no?


Doesn’t it look like it’s smiling at you? Heh. I won’t try to remember all the participants’ names (since I didn’t write it all down) but clockwise from top-left there’s a woven scarf with a woodturned clasp, the left-handed 4-stringed cigar box guitar with tabletwoven strap and kumihimo braid tie, woven crinkled shawl with a metalworked brooch, felted headpiece with beaded wireworked embellishment, and a woven shawl with enamelled brooch.

And here’s the second case:


Clockwise from top-left: woven shawl with silver buttons, felt head sculpture with metalwork earrings, woven scarf with silver brooch, handspun knitted shawl with more of the woodturned clasps, woodworked box with woven inset top, and woven napkins with copper napkin rings.

The smaller side cases were hard to photograph without glare:

Display case 3a Above: felted headpiece with beaded wireworked embellishment.

Display case 3b

Above: woven shibori shawl with metalworked brooch.


Above: woven leather headpieces with wire and beads.


Above: woven shawl with silver buttons.

And last but not least, a driftwood frame with a wire lace scene:

Display plinth

Some pieces are for sale, some like our guitar are not. And there you go!

We had such a lovely time chatting with participants and friends at the show’s opening last Sunday. It was a lovely day so we were able to walk downtown across the Cambie Bridge. I wore a handwoven hat, dress and scarf (only the latter not woven by me but by a friend) plus handknit socks and even me-made undies – the complete regalia! And no photo. Urp. Bad damselfly.

So now best go do something useful for the rest of this lovely warm day. Back soon!


Sharon in Surrey said...

So that's why you were making that guitar!! Congratulations. Is this your first public showing???

Louisa said...

No, definitely not my first show but I think it's Thom's first. (Apart from online where he won an award for his cigar box ukelele.) Always a thrill even for just a little public display!