Friday, August 14, 2015

Fly By

Just like the flock of geese that flew overhead honking loudly a few minutes ago, I’m checking in with a quick photo-less post.

First concern: we just learned yesterday that our first campsite reservation is caput. Basically because there currently is no campground since it has at least partially succumbed to a flash forest fire! Even worse, Highway 3 (AKA the Crowsnest) is also closed and it’s the only way to travel along BC’s southern border without going a very long way around either to the north or south through Washington State. We’re hoping that it will reopen before we need to travel eight days from now. Not sure what our alternative camp spot will be yet (and quite likely we won’t know until we get there) but somehow we need to travel most of the way across this very large province in two days to be at the next reserved campsite in time. We may have to leave early.

However, there’s no point in worrying or making new plans until we know for sure when the highway will open. Meanwhile we can’t help but feel for the campers at Kettle River who barely got out with their lives leaving their vehicles and equipment and escaping on foot. Firefighters didn’t even have a chance to apply retardant until it was too late. It’s not certain what is left but the whole area had to be evacuated including the little town of Rock Creek. I really don’t want to imagine how it would be if we had to leave our poor VW Westie like that! Yikes. There is no replacement for her. Absolutely everything is so very dry this year and this was ponderosa pine woodlands. Doesn’t take much to set it alight but they aren’t sure yet what caused this fire.

In more cheerful news, the Marathon of Making carries on and I’ve finished Garment #7 and halfway through #8. I think! I’m kind of losing count now. I’m actually having a really good time with this! I’m going to keep sewing until Sunday and get as far as I can (3-1/2 more garments ready to go) then quit and go on to the cleaning and packing. I’m feeling like there’s not nearly enough time to do what needs to get done before our self-imposed deadline. And we still aren’t feeling particularly well, both coughing and running out of steam too quickly. Oh well. One can only do what one can only do, right?

Hopefully I’ll have some new clothes to show off in my next post!

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