Thursday, September 24, 2015

Westward Ho!

Hellooooo! Hope you are all well and happy and productive as always! Yes, we are still tootling around the American West. Currently we’re in Oregon in our covered wagon on the trail of the pioneers. OK, so our wagon has a motor. And some nice paved roads with helpful and convenient signs to follow. And I guess we aren’t really pioneers either. However, it’s been a long and dusty road and we’ve still got a ways to go yet! We’ve been having a complete blast so far and the weather has been mostly fabulous especially after we finally outran most of the smoke. (Though we could be heading back into it.) No complaints except that we’re both running out of clean clothing suitable for hot weather! I know – too bad, so sad, eh? It could change at any moment though. It’s officially autumn now after all and we’re still at least a week from home.

This post is coming to you from the Safeway in Pendleton, the town with the big woollen mill where those lovely plaid shirts and Indian-inspired blankets are made. Sadly again we don’t have time to stop and take the mill tour. However I’m hoping tomorrow to finally get a chance to check out the Pendleton outlet shop in Portland plus the Mill End Store that’s not too far further down the road. As long as we don’t get lost in the crazy city freeway traffic! We’ve definitely been bushed too long on little two-lane highways among the sagebrush and junipers.

So now I’m finally beginning to crave my Internet connection! When not navigating, I’ve been enjoying quietly knitting and reading books and listening to podcasts but I’m starting to want to catch up on everything I’ve been missing out there. Never mind. It’s all not really going anywhere, right? Besides, this is the Real World out here, you know. The one with jackrabbits and grouse and harrier hawks and where you wake up with three bison grazing right outside your door so you have to pack up and drive to the farthest washroom because you’re too nervous to get out of the van with them so close by. (True story.) I should enjoy the rocks and sky while I have them, right?

The next post will probably be from the comfort of home. In the meanwhile, meandering along west by northwest…

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