Saturday, January 16, 2016

Assorted Thises and Thats

After my last post I thought I had better explain why I called it the Lattice Dress. The full length photo unfortunately didn't show the detail:

The background colour is definitely black, not navy! These rather dark days are not particularly conducive to good indoor photos, just saying. I love this woven pattern which is used (in real life) most often in seat caning or baskets. My photo is wonky but it's a "triaxial" weave: vertical, horizontal and diagonal elements. Just a wee bit of trivia to brighten your day!

I haven't been sewing for the last couple of days. Thom went and lit the fire in our living room's airtight wood stove and it just seems wrong to work upstairs when it's so cosy down here! Instead I've been spinning and knitting and reading on the couch. Decadence.

So I was checking out the latest issue of Brooklyn Tweed's BT Winter 16 look book. Oh yum! I did NOT need anything else to knit but there are some really lovely sweaters in there. I rarely buy a pattern until I'm ready to knit something, yarn and needles in hand. But this time I fell hard for this:

(Note the refreshing choice of model?) It's called Intersect and the designer is the ingenious Norah Gaughan. Here's front and back:

It just called to me, you know? Absolutely My Style! It's knit in sections with each piece picked up from previous pieces so no sewing together. The only drawback is that there is a truckload of yarn in this thing! Enough to make TWO regular sweaters. And yes, of course I want to make it in handspun. Fingering weight no less. Sadly the mahogany-dyed Falklands that I've been spinning is not going to give me enough yardage and I can't get more. So the Intersect Sweater will be a definite long-term project while I shake down the stash for enough suitable wool for this. Might take a year to complete. Who knows? But I will stick to it. Slow clothes.
True confessions: I realised today that in the last couple of months I have become one of Those People. The ones who have an iPad attached to their person at all times. I can't go back to my old stupid slow netbook computer without screaming in frustration! The only advantage is that it's easier to type on a real keyboard. Otherwise nearly everything else is significantly faster, clearer, simpler, better. Who knew?

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Yup. I can see you in that sweater!!! And I agree, it's you. I wouldn't mind one of those myself in Steel Grey.