Monday, July 18, 2016

Testing 123

Just FYI this post is a total test of several apps and experiments with my new supplemental keyboard. Please bear with me. Swing right past! I may just delete the whole thing. Or not. You never know. Experiment the first: My new keyboard. Bluetooth. Made by Belkin. It has its own little snap-down lid to protect it:
So nice to use all 9 (not 10!) fingers again! See? Keys:
The iPad rests against the back. It also works with iPhones and my iTouch if I want. Does this post come in with the right font? Do the paragraphs work?
Experiment the second: Creating a post without WIFI, saving it and posting it later. How well does this work? So important for writing on the fly as we travel. We never know when we can get online. Or not. Or sllllooooowwwwllly. It's a crapshoot.
Experiment the third: Copying and pasting in from Pages app. How well does this work? Do the paragraphs look correct?
OK, now do they? (The "now" was supposed to be bold.)
Experiment the fourth: The next bit of text was copied and pasted from the BlogGo app. That's what I've been using up to now and although it's a tedious work-around, it worked OK.
This is the only way that I know works for sure. However, I'd like to stop doing it this way!
We'll see if I can, yes?
Crossing my fingers! And...

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