Wednesday, August 10, 2016

GTT Days 8-9

Whew! Finally resolved the last post's image problem in lovely Nipigon at the welcome centre. Persistence pays off!
So where were we?
August 8 - Blue Lake Provincial Park, ON.
We're into our 5th province now, Ontario. And 4 time zones. 
Blue Lake was a really nice place. We got showers and laundry and had a great hike in the forest between two lakes. Over the Canadian Shield granite, down into the squishy mud and across the boardwalks. The river had white pond lilies:
So pretty! Except for the mosquitos. I'm covered in welts now. Sleeping was somewhat problematic though thanks to the thunder and lightning storm in the middle of the night which left us scrambling to take in the bug nets and close up the windows. Ah, the joys of camping!
August 9 - Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, ON.
We were so tired and bug-chomped that we just sat and read books. No hikes. No photos. Lots of bug spray! We waved at the falls as we drove over it on the little one-lane bridge. Luckily we've been here before so didn't feel we'd missed anything new.
Now we're on our way yet further east. More whenever!    


Sharon in Surrey said...

Woohoo - enjoying the adventure!!! I hear the heat is awful in Toronto - hope you stay out of that.

Louisa said...

Glad you're enjoying the ride, Sharon! Nope, nowhere near Toronto. Currently we're north of Montreal at Mont-Tremblant. Warm & very damp/drizzly.