Monday, November 21, 2016


Hello! Yup, I missed a couple of days. Saturday I was busy with family and Sunday it was so dark and rainy I couldn't be bothered trying to take a photo. Of anything. Today, however, is sunny! Yay. We had to get out for a walk and it was warm enough that I didn't need any extra layers over this:

  • Black Snake sweatshirt, MM (Katherine Tilton's B6101)
  • Olive green ribbed turtleneck, SB
  • Olive stretch pants, SB
  • Josef Siebel boots
  • Not shown: Undies (bra and panties), MM
  • Not shown: Green striped knit socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Shown but should NOT have been: the clothes hanger coming out of my head!

Dressed for: Shopping for bread at Cobs (their Cape Seed bread is totally yum!)

So. Nothing new to report. Still slowly plugging away on crab legs. Just some finishing up to do, a few eyestalks and whiskers and then I can assemble all the pieces. No more winding of blanket warps has occurred. A little further knitting on my Red Earth Candelia sweater. Not terrifically interesting at all. So I am now going to go move that hanger somewhere else before I forget it's there again.

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pao said...

I wouldn't have noticed your hanger head if you hadn't mentioned it. But then, it was funny. Hey, I think I have that Tilton pattern too. And again I haven't made it up yet. Like your snakeskin look.