Thursday, December 01, 2016

WWW-MMM and a New Month

Well, I skipped another day but I wore pretty much the same clothes as the day before. Here's yesterday's outfit:

You have seen nearly all of these garments before apart from:

  • Travelling shawl, MM
  • Mismatched wrist warmers, MM (samples from a spinning class!)

Dressed for: A walk in the rain to get my hair cut. Sorry you can't see the results yet but it was good to get my bangs out of my eyes.

I think I did fairly well in showing my outfits for the entire month of November. I'm not planning to stop altogether now but there will be less of these going forward. The clothes I choose to wear this time of year for warmth and comfort are not exactly fashion forward! You've already seen a large selection of them anyway and I will just be putting them on repeat/rearrange/repeat. However if I come up with something worth showing off I promise I will blog it. Assuming it's not so dark you can't see the details. We have had record rainfall this season so far and, along with the fact that it doesn't get really light out until about 8:30am and then starts to get dark again before 4pm, there's not a lot of opportunity for half-decent photos. And the situation is not going to improve until about February or March. Such is life in the rainforest. Why do you think all the important holidays happen this time of year? So we have an excuse to put up festive lights and bright decorations!


Sharon in Surrey said...

You & me, both!!! If it isn't warm & comfy, I am not wearing it. Sweats seem to be the order in my drafty basement home. Love the wrist warmers - I used to scoff but found they actually DO keep your hands much warmer!!! I love mine.

pao said...

ooo, That scarf just does it for me. And the miss-matched hand warmers should be an item. Who cares about fashion forward? It's how you rearrange what you have that's interesting. That and being a real person wearing what you really wear on any given day.

Melanie said...

Gaaaa - yes, this rain! I'm so SICK of it! But I've been going through your outfit posts and you stand up to the elements so very well. You have a fantastic selection of lovingly made clothing, warm too. My favourite thing about this outfit is your mismatched wrist warmers. Why must fashion be forward? Who decides? It's so tiring to think of. I like resting fashion too. Beautiful.

Louisa said...

Resting fashion! Hah! I love that.

Thank you all for your encouragement. It means so much to me - truly.