Friday, March 10, 2017

Woolly FO

I got a wee bit obsessed yesterday and finished up the Late Winter Fields fingering yarn!

To recap, this is Corriedale sliver, snow-dyed with acid dyes, spun on my Louet Victoria at 13.5:1 ratio and plied on my Louet S90 at the same ratio. The two nearly-full Victoria bobbins just fit on the larger S90 one so I didn't have to break the yarn. They almost matched up perfectly in length and I was able to wind off the last few yards on my fingers and ply them in so there's no leftovers. It's still a might damp after its wash but I couldn't wait. That's 520 yards and 141g of fingering weight goodness! It's quite a bit softer than I expected and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. The colours are a little more definite in some lighting and in others they blend more. It'll be exciting to see what they do in a mostly garter-stitch shawl. (Yes, I have one in mind.) It's a definite souvenir of this Awful Winter of 2016-2017 with dried grasses, composting leaves, frozen mud and dirty snow. Doesn't that all sound lovely? Heh.

I also have an outfit for you today:

This one works with the wide-legged pants that I rejected yesterday. The tunic mimics the pants but the sweater pulls it in at the top so it's not baggy all over. You can't really see but my socks are an autumn rainbow that includes the rusty orange. They'll be covered by my boots when I go out so they're only visible indoors. The only non-me-made are the pants.

Off to get out in the sunshine while it lasts! It's a tad warmer today than it has been so I need to take full advantage.

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Tuned out to be a very pretty yarn even though you called it 'mud'!! Very pretty shade of brown indeed. Love the Rusty sweater.