Monday, April 24, 2017

Fascinating Reading

Just a quick post to share some interesting links I've found recently. First we had Earth Day and now it's Fashion Revolution Week so there's been a lot of discussion around fair trade, sustainable production, slow fashion and garment worker's rights. Plus there's also the body positivity movements, resistance to the fashion and beauty industries' false promises, visible mending and much more. Have at it!

What makes a garment Slow Fashion? - on Karen Templer's excellent Fringe Association blog.

The Fashion Transparency Index - rating the big companies on how much information they share about suppliers, supply chain policies and practices, and social and environmental impact.

Flaws - an uplifting rant from Sally of Already Pretty. I want this printed on a T-shirt.

Tom of Holland - and his Visible Mending initiative has pretty much changed the way I think about repairs in general and the ability to keep favourite textiles going long after they would ordinarily be consigned to the ragbag.

A Field Guide to Needlework - Sarah Swett: tapestry weaver, backstrap weaver, spinner, artist, musician and another amazing practitioner of visible mending.

Don't forget to give these sites a wee wander about if they're new to you. There's a lot of great content.

In more personal news, I actually got a little spinning in today:

At the rate I'm working it's going to take ages to spin enough of this Coopworth into 1400 yards of 3-ply worsted weight for Thom's next sweater. Oh well. Slow, right?

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